Restless night turns sexual for mature lovers

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They say sex just keeps getting better with age, not just the act but the connection and knowledge of your body and the pleasure it can elicit. This erotic movie featuring two gorgeous mature lovers brings us that deep earthy passion of two people who know themselves and each other so well, showing us the explosive passion they share and desire to give and receive sexual satisfaction.

Waking in the night, tossing and turning and unable to sleep is something we can all relate to. The desire to fall into a deep relaxing slumber but it is elusive, leaving you restless and in need of some soothing. Turning over you see your lover lying peacefully in delicious languid repose next to you. A beauty in her sleep, and your long-term love, your mind naturally turns amorous, just as you did when your first met.

Reaching the pool of arousal that you just know will be burning between her legs, you can’t help but begin a nocturnal seduction, feeling your way, caressing her most powerful erogenous zones. Her body responds and she rouses from her dreams, reaching for you, knowing she is in for a delicious midnight treat.

Being mature lovers, this is most definitely not the first time for night time advances and she softens and liquefies beneath your touch, knowing you so well, melting into your mouth, her pleasure rising, her pussy pulsing, desperate for something more…

Her legs are splayed wide, inviting you to fill her up and fuck her. As you sink into her warm yielding flesh, it feels like home and you both fuck with the joy and abandon of two becoming one.

Your bodies melt together in that soft soporific blended way gentle, slow intimate, passion sizzling as you take her sweet hot pussy that you know so well.

Or maybe you are the one being woken from that place where reality and dreams merge, desire blooming in your fantasy world as your body is being stimulated. The best way to rise and then both fall into a beautiful satisfying deep slumber, blissed out with those sex hormones that keep you coming back for more over and over again.

A beautiful erotic sex movie of mature lovers enjoying the pleasures of deep meaningful midnight couples sex.

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