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Erotic couple fuck on the kitchen worktop

Every aspect of my body ached with sexual pleasure, from my moist swollen lips, which throbbed with a sensual beat through to the muscles deep within my groin. It was an intense reminder of my many hours of lovemaking. The night I had so yearned for and imagined time and time again in my mind, had come to a glorious event. It was no ordinary night, no ordinary fuck, this was my utterly wanton night of carnal lust with a man who had plagued my mind with messages of desire and passion to a point I was beyond desperate to have him and be had by him. This was a couple fucking in the chaos of passion.

The night I had so longed for over many months had left me feeling weakened yet deliciously used and wanted. Flashes of the previous night merged and danced in my head, the hours of delirious passion, intense, hard and carnal fucking. I remember dozing in places only to be awakened what seemed moments later, to a hard solid cock teasing and stroking my skin, seeking even more attention and pleasure. Pussy licking, body licking, his all consuming mouth teasing me.

Oh the hunger that was within me, a pang of real physical hunger in which I had to seek food. I felt famished and craving sustenance. Having thrown on his shirt I took the chance to slip away and find refreshment. I was needy of food and drink; desperate in fact, I felt drained of all nourishment and immensely dehydrated. I was deeply relieved to see the croissants, and juice, sitting there in the kitchen and took no time to tear at the flaky delight and taste the sweetness of the thick jam, which felt beyond relief for my ravished body.

Although intent on my eating my senses were quickly awakened to the presence of his tall frame standing behind me. Dressed casually in his morning robe, he moved closer. His insatiable appetite was yet again focused on me, not my delightfully moreish croissant. His hands instantly were upon me and began to move up my body once again, this time pulling me gently back into his frame.

How after the hours of so much intense fucking could he find the stamina to seek more? His mouth and lips found my skin and I gave a little telling shudder as I felt him caress up my neck and feast upon me once again. Sweet, meaningful kisses gave way to my tender body responding even yearning again for more. How could I take anymore? Sex in the kitchen, how could we fuck even more? But seemingly that was not something I lingered on, as my mind was turned on to the feeling I was... read the rest of this story please login or register to read the full story free.

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