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In an erotic homage to the beauty of female self-pleasure

It seems very apt this week to publish an erotic film that raises awareness of the importance of female self-pleasure. In fact, I like to think this particular film acts as a form of homage to the benefits and beauty we can gain from some personal self-love. As such I wanted to create a scene with more impact of not just 1 but 3 women, albeit the same gorgeous beauty Daisy showing herself to respect and love her own body and give it some personal attention. That body focus and intimate pleasure is shown individually, while each Daisy enjoys the different use and appliance of sex toys such as a vibrating G spot vibrator or a beautiful but firm glass dildo, or quite simply fingers to arouse and trigger internal pleasure.

So here we have Me Me Me, a title that in itself reflects that aspects of allowing yourself to inwardly focus and find a special moment to relax enjoy who you are and your body and succumb to the delights of female self-pleasure. Most importantly while doing so release the powerful and positive health-inducing Oxytocins that can lift our spirits to a place that really does give us an important bounce in our life.

Lets please banish any stigma surrounding women enjoying sex with vibrators and masturbating, a vital and health-inducing act that both men and women can benefit so enormously from. We are huge advocates of this important sexual as well as healthcare act and love to feature masturbation in our films. It generates, as we see here not only beautiful imagery but will also resonate beauty within. So don’t delay, enjoy this soft porn video and enjoy yourself. Self love your body.

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7 thoughts on “In an erotic homage to the beauty of female self-pleasure

  1. Not just a clever idea, but effectively arousing too. But I would love to see a version of this with three different women masturbating together; that would be one for the sisterhood.

  2. Yes, yes, yes Posy – you are so right about the acceptance of male masturbation. This issue is so overlooked. Thanks for raising it.

  3. This was very erotic and a pleasure to watch. Daisy is classy but relatable and I hope this raises the profile of self pleasure for females – which is several steps behind the acceptance of male masturbation. I am sure the film will offer inspiration to lone women or couples as to the variety of ways play can begin and progress to climax. Great work!

  4. Oh yes, yes, yes. What a brilliant idea; and how brilliantly pulled off. Another triumph, Anna. So good to see Daisy grace your site again.

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