Multiple delights during some erotic group pleasure

Oh, can you imagine having not one partner, but multiple partners all intimately intent on fulfilling your innermost desires during some erotic group pleasure.

Being the sexual focus of potent masculine need and arousal is an intoxicating place to be, and this erotic film takes you on a journey deep into foursome sexual fantasy.

First, one hand reaches to your shoulder, fingertips trailing down to your chest, the outline of your breast beneath your specially chosen lingerie… Then the warmth of another set of fingertips, then another, and before you know it you are being caressed by six attentive hands. All with one quest—to give you the time of your sexual life.

You can’t tell which fingers belong to whom, so you simply have to let yourself fall deep into fulfilling your erotic group pleasure fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to be the centre of such a celebration of touch, sex, and sensuality?

Who will be the first to slide their fingers into your needy clutching pussy? Or who just pulled your bra down to reveal your tightening nipples, craving and straining, rising to the touch of all those fingers.

Your body is hungry, but so is your mouth and you turn to seek out the first of three delicious cocks. You just need to taste, and your lovers are more than happy to oblige. As they tweak and pull your nipples, electricity darts straight to your clit and your arousal dampens your beautiful new panties.

And then, as two men stand before you, their rock-hard cocks demanding attention, you reach out—each of your fists wrapping around a thick erect dick. While lubricating them with your saliva, you arch your back as you sense another man standing behind you. You back on to him, pussy ravenous, and he fills you up with his big thick dick as you service the others in front.

The ultimate in erotic group sex pleasure, where everyone gets exactly what they crave.

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27 thoughts on “Multiple delights during some erotic group pleasure

  1. At like 11:50, when she’s undressing, unsnapping the crotch of her costume, and those two cocks are pointing up at two different angles in profile, that’s superhott. This is like the tenth time we watch this film, thank you.

  2. Absolutely wonderful…. I am just waiting my wife to discover it by herself and to collect her feedback…
    It s exactly what make me love this collection of movies….

  3. Very hot we enjoy. Someone mentioned the wedding ring, definitely would have been a great finishing touch. And speaking of finishing touches, one of those loads being shot right on the ring. Thanks for great video of different erotic perspective.

  4. I keep coming back to watch this film. It’s probably the hottest film I’ve ever watched. Would love an encore!

  5. Three guys and nobody goes down on this poor woman???? This is clearly made by a man who thinks woman’s pleasure revolves around dicks. There should have never been a time when one of them wasn’t licking her clit,

    • Absolutely we are all about the pleasure for a woman and the giving and receiving of oral pleasure is nearly always part of the scene, however, on this occasion, we were playing with the fantasy of not knowing or seeing those headless torsos and keeping their bodies exactly that out of shot with a very small amount of them in the scene, so we deliberately didn’t have any oral pleasure in this particular film.

    • I agree, but also think this is one of the most erotic scenes I’ve seen.
      Great work keep it up 😁😁

  6. Very erotic. I liked that it was her fantasy and not what the bloke wants. Would like to have seen a double entry, that’s my fantasy too. Lovely lingerie.

  7. That was so erotic.!!! My wife loves these where it is not always about the man. “Why is porn always about the guy?” She complains
    This one certainly was not. Thanks for making these kinds of films. They are so rare and why me and my wife subscribe. Agree, it would have been a nice added touch if she was wearing a nice wedding ring.
    Please keep them coming

  8. More of this please.. You just cannot find classy sensual stuff like this that is every woman’s fantasy.

  9. Absolutely sensual, sexy and erotic. Totally delicious
    May be next time she could have all her holes full?

  10. Wonderful piece of erotic sex. Would love to know the music to so many of these for a great playlist

  11. This is an astonishing piece of erotic film making. Not seeing the men’s faces, or even hearing them, was a stroke of genius. The total focus on Kitana’s pleasure makes this film incredibly hot. The excited look in her eye as she rocks back on to one guy’s cock just before she leans forward to take the other two cocks in her hands says it all. The setting, music, lingerie, jewellery, make up and casting are all perfect. The performances are exceptional and the direction to pull this off is brilliant. Oh, and what an ending. More please, please, please.

  12. Hi, the 1080p download does not appear to be working. I have not tried the other downloads to see if they work.

    • We need more material like this. 2 guys penetrating her at the same time is what every woman wants to feel plus the third guy sucking her boobs.

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