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Most of us have heard the term in some capacity, but how many of us know what it actually means?

If pushed, those that aren’t massively familiar with the term would be able to identify a Kegel as something that relates to stopping the need to pee when you sneeze. Or, more in line with our desire for the quick bites of information we have become accustomed to, it is likely to be defined as an exercise that makes your pussy tighter!

A definition that is crass and slightly misogynistic but somewhat true too.

Understanding Kegels is not something we are taught about in school as part of sex education or even in biology, but it most certainly should be.

Good pelvic health, yes please!

Who should do Kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises are beneficial for everyone and all bodies, but most of the encouragement around doing them, is definitely geared towards women.

Interestingly though, a lot of women are not fully aware of the importance of strengthening these particular internal parts. It usually takes for a pregnancy to occur before the suggestion of doing the exercises is made. Because of this, having a baby is the point where a lot of women are first made aware of the Kegel muscles.

Not always, but a lot of the time and can leave many childfree people out of the Kegel loop!

What are they?

Kegel exercises are often referred to as pelvic floor muscle training.

The pelvic floor is comprised of a combination of muscles that sit between your hips and the bottom of your pelvis.

In female anatomy, this hammock of muscles supports the bladder, uterus, small intestine and rectum. It does the same for the male anatomy, minus the uterus.

In order to correctly do Kegels, it’s important you are able to identify your Kegel muscles.

An easy way of doing this is by stopping urination mid-flow whilst in the loo.

The muscles that you use to stem the flow of urine, are the exact muscles you need to focus on for Kegel exercises. Once you’ve established what’s what, you can follow below and get Kegelling.

Steps to exercising your Kegels

  1. Empty your bladder before sitting or lying down.
  2. Once comfortable, tighten up your pelvic floor muscles.
    Imagining that you are gripping at something with the muscles is a good way of perfecting the technique.
  3. Once the muscles are nice and tight, hold for a count of up to 5 seconds.
    Make sure you continue to breathe freely and be sure to only engage the Kegel muscles.
    It would be easy to flex the stomach and/or thigh muscles at this point too. That’s not what we are aiming for. Focus purely on the Kegel muscles for maximum efficacy.
  4. Relax the muscles for a count of up to 5 seconds and then repeat.

This routine can be repeated as many times as you would like but ideally, doing a round of 10 Kegels 3 times a day, is a good shout.

If you fancy upping your Kegel game by incorporating a product to help you get that deep squeeze, there are plenty of gadgets and gizmos on the market.

Using Kegel balls

The Kegel balls are arguably the most popular. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and double up as both an exercise weight for your vagina and a sex toy.

You can purchase here silicone ones, plastic ones, stainless steel ones or even stone ones.

To use them, simply insert them into your vagina and go.

Your vagina has to contract in order to keep them in whilst the weight of the balls adds to the exercise.

The great thing about Kegel exercises is, that you can do them discreetly anywhere!

The benefits of Kegel exercises and Kegel balls

What are the benefits of Kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises matter because a number of factors can impact the Kegel muscles. Age, childbirth, surgery and weight gain to name but a few, can cause the pelvic floor muscles to weaken over time.

Having good pelvic floor health can prevent urinary and faecal incontinence, prevents prolapse, can help to maintain a good digestive system by encouraging circulation and aids in the preservation of good posture.

Another huge benefit of doing Kegel exercises is how it can improve your sex life, particularly when it comes to orgasming—especially for women!

Safe to say, most of us are aware that roughly only 25% of women actually orgasm during vaginal intercourse, leaving the other 75% either relying on clitoral stimulation (which can be a lot of fun) or, more commonly, unsatisfied—especially if orgasm was the aim.

Whilst we understand that the internal contractions that occur with orgasm are indeed involuntary, toning and tightening up the pelvic floor muscles increases your body’s potential to use those muscles in a more satisfying way. In other words, Kegels can help towards giving you deeper, stronger and more intense orgasms.

Another important benefit comes from the surge of blood flow to the vagina as a result of the exercises. A boost in blood flow to this area can come with an increase in arousal and even a surge in natural lubrication.

That’s definitely a win/win!

The problems of a weak pelvic floor

By contrast, having a weak pelvic floor can and will most likely do the opposite.

Sexual arousal can be decreased as a result of the lack of sensitivity, particularly around the vaginal opening.

The truth is because Kegel exercises strengthen the whole pelvic area, the potential for better quality sex all round is improved. Feeling tighter and more aroused is only going to add to your self-confidence in sexual situations.

Plus, and here’s an extra bonus… if you are having intercourse with a penis owner, they benefit from your love of Kegel exercises too.

Feel free to remind him of the power of your pussy by tightening your pelvic floor muscles as he draws outwards and relaxing them as he moves inwards.

This Kegel inspired trick will have him going wild, and it will undoubtedly feel good for you too.

Also, in addition to him feeling the difference whilst he’s inside you, he can also get involved with the Kegel exercises and incorporate them into his daily routine too.

Men that do these exercises tend to experience sustained erections and benefit from longer penetration.

Definitely no harm in floating the idea to him.

So yep, Kegel exercises are definitely where it’s at.

The benefits are endless, and the great thing is, even if you’re new to the world of Kegelling, start now, and you can reap the benefits within days.

It is that effective!

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