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When you think about the timing of sex, do you automatically picture doing it during the early hours of the day, in the afternoon, or closer to bedtime? Sex, in general, is already great, but there might be something extra special about shagging first thing in the morning before work or school that makes doing the deed even more thrilling. If you’re reading this and thinking, “morning sex? No thanks!” then that’s understandable. Messy hair, morning breath, and eye crust aren’t exactly the perfect ingredients for naughty time. However, there are multiple benefits of morning sex.  

However, there are plenty of reasons that make an early lay even hotter than you may imagine, starting with convenience and biology.

There are numerous factors that contribute to good sex, and your hormone levels are a part of the defining pieces of that puzzle. According to research, a person’s hormone levels are highest in the morning. Because of this, your levels of sexual desire increase, and the earlier hours of the day are an ideal time to have sex.

If you have a penis, your hormonal pattern follows a particular schedule. By the time you wake up in the morning, you’ll have the highest concentration of testosterone, which is pivotal for male sexual function and quite the motivator for any activities that are physical in nature, whether that be morning sex or an early morning gym session.

Similarly, estrogen is associated with sexual desire, and those hormones also tend to be higher in the morning. If you have a vulva, you’ll also experience increases in blood flow to the vagina during your sleeping cycle, as well as vaginal swelling and lubrication. Plus, more blood flow to the clitoris and lubrication around the vagina can mean more sensitivity and pleasure.

So, there’s a decent chance you wake up already physically ready to go because you’re aroused, relaxed, and likely not wearing many clothes (if any at all).

Now that you’re aware of why we wake up horny, let’s discuss the benefits of morning sex in your routine:

For starters, you’ll feel more connected to your partner. One of the greatest benefits of morning sex is that it can enhance your day because of the positive impact it can have on your relationship. The longer you’ve been with a person, the more likely you might forget to prioritize physical everyday intimacy. Let’s face it. Busy schedules, taking care of kids, and general stress from life can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to putting sex first. However, morning sex can be an excellent way to show your partner that you’re intentional about setting time to keep the physical intimacy going strong, no matter what else is going on.

Also, the actions we take right after waking up can set the tone for the rest of the day. Choosing to pleasure your partner and fulfil each other’s bodily needs first may naturally make you feel more excited about what the rest of the day may bring.

From a scientific standpoint, one of the benefits of morning sex is that you’ll be starting your day with a burst of feel-good hormones like oxytocin, for example. Oxytocin (often referred to as the “love hormone”) is a neurotransmitter released by your brain and according to research published in the Journal of Neuroscience, this feel-good hormone is at its strongest in both men and women during orgasm because it enhances bonding in couples.

And another benefit of morning sex? It’s sex that doesn’t necessarily require much maintenance. It’s not the kind of sex that you’re mentally planning for after a date. It’s not the kind of sex that might be ruined with too much alcohol (say hello to whiskey dick). It’s also not the kind of sex that you might be nervous about after days or weeks’ worth of flirty banter and built-up sexual tension. Instead, it’s more natural. There’s less opportunity for outside factors to get in the way of something pleasurable. And, it’s likely that you’re already feeling connected to your partner given that their smile (or half-awakened greeting) is the first thing you’ll see as you wake up.

Now, how does a person make morning sex even hotter, especially if it’s not their thing?

Here are some steamy tips on the benefits of morning sex:

1. Don’t just wake up and go at it

Instead of hopping straight into sex, opt for sexual activities that allow you and your partner’s bodies to warm up a little. For example, start off by massaging your partner’s skin, embracing them into your arms, and having a long naked cuddle. Afterwards, you can escalate to mutual masturbation and give more attention to each other’s erogenous zones. This kind of touch can help initiate an intimate connection that you and your partner may need in order to transition into sex.

2. Use laziness to your advantage

Don’t feel pressured to roll around in bed, pulling each other’s hair and putting on a show. The best thing about morning sex is that it requires minimal effort. You’re already on a bed, so your partner may be more inclined to get naughty since you’re both already in the ideal location for getting it on. All you’ll have left to do at that point is take off your pyjamas… unless you sleep naked, then you’re already ready to go! For positions, try spooning or other side positions that allow enough body contact yet minimal movement and readjustment.

3. Get frisky after working out

You might assume that morning sex automatically means doing it while you’re still in bed soon after waking up, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If exercise is part of your morning routine, then consider getting it on after your gym session. Besides, it helps that you’ve already increased your heart rate with exercise and you’re already warm and flexible.

4. Reach for some sex toys

Don’t be afraid to pull out your favourite vibrator, dildo, or handcuffs from your treasure chest of pleasure products. Sometimes, you’re going to need some extra assistance to get to your big O, especially if your morning romp absolutely has to be a quickie in order to make it to work on time. So, grab a bullet vibrator to facilitate pleasure, or pick a rumbly vibrator that your partner can feel too.

5. Do it in the shower

After giving yourself a chance to wake up a bit and freshen up, join your partner in the shower, save water, and enjoy being naked together underneath the flowing, warm water. If shower sex isn’t your favourite, you can always jump back into bed to finish things off.

6. Keep your phone on “Do Not Disturb” a little longer

One of the cons of using our phones as an alarm clock is that upon waking. Our phone is likely right back in our hands and ready to be scrolled through. After hitting the snooze button for the 3rd time, you might find yourself tempted to check what’s happening on social media or respond to work emails as soon as possible. Instead, hit that snooze button during the first alarm notification and use your free time to seduce your partner and hold them close before even thinking about your phone. Sounds more appealing, right?

7. Beat morning breath

Morning breath is arguably the top concern when speaking about morning sex. However, there are ways around that. You might be thinking the quick fix is to brush your teeth beforehand but keep in mind that brushing your teeth right before certain sexual activities is not advised. If you cut your gums while brushing your teeth — which is a common thing that can happen while flossing and brushing — you may leave yourself more vulnerable to contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Instead, gargle some minty-flavored mouthwash. If getting out of bed before doing the deed might ruin the mood a bit, have some mints or a bottle of water to chug (bottles especially are great cause they won’t spill) on the nightstand. As an added bonus, the water will help with dehydration in the morning.

Now you see why morning sex can be amazing. Whether you naturally enjoy it as an amazing start to your day or you prefer it because of its convenience, there’s a lot to be said about why an early morning shag is superior. Even if you’re not a morning person or the thought of getting frisky earlier on in the day doesn’t sound all that interesting, believe it or not, you are still likely to feel great after sharing an intimate experience with your partner and ultimately feeling more connected to them.

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