Curvaceous blonde bathroom playtime

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This very girlie film is by popular demand, as a lot of my horny members wanted to see more of the lovely Victoria’s beautiful curvaceous blonde body, so here is a very simple but feminine scene, showing all her curves off in their best light. The whole film feels soft, natural and very pretty yet at the same time is a sexy solo scene of her enjoying her body by herself while we watch and enjoy.

Set within the bathroom with beautiful soft shafts of light hitting her body, her blonde curled hair gently falling on her shoulders, she offers the essence of female beauty as she casually moves around the bathroom fully naked. While she sets her bath running she begins to feel a little aroused in her unclothed state, and perches on the edge of the bath, gently opening her legs to allow her fingers to start touching her pussy, teasing her soft folds of skin. At first just the tips of her fingers begin to rub and arouse, then very soon we see the pleasure starting to show on her face as she pushes her fingers deeper inside to satisfy her body. Watching her play, you can imagine how good it feels when you allow your body to get aroused, the pleasure and enjoyment the sensation brings. Finding her large silver vibrator she moves onto the floor where she stretches out her voluptuous body, opening her legs more to engage in more sexual arousal. Using the smooth vibrator she sinks its length slowly in, quietly moaning to herself as she allows the sensation to take over, the vibrations  producing the perfect internal desire she seeks. Thinking no one is there she enjoys her time alone before going back to her bath and stepping in for a relaxing soak.

This film is also the prelude to the moment Victoria tiptoes back through to the bedroom where she gets thoroughly fucked by the lovely Alexei in the very naughty film SLIPPERY WHEN OILED

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