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No doubt the term Electrosex brings up mixed emotions. On the one hand, we have the term sex—a fantastic and highly pleasurable activity. But on the other hand, we have the term electro.

Yes, electro, as in electricity.

What is electrosex?

Electrosex is all about using electricity for pleasure. It is a kinky activity that has its practitioners passing electrical currents through their genitals in order to induce an orgasm.

While the hair probably just stood up on the back of your neck at the thought of that, hear me out.

What if I told you that you could do it very safely and that you can have some fantastic hands-free orgasms using electricity?

The basics of e-stim and electrosex

When we are young, we’re taught that electricity is dangerous, and that is so true. But I am not talking about plugging your junk into a wall-mounted socket delivering mains voltages—perish the thought.

E-stim uses specialised pieces of equipment to supply tiny, precise and very safe electrical currents through our bodies using electrodes placed in specific areas.

When you think about it, our bodies process sensations and stimulation electrically. Our nerves pass information via electrical impulses to the brain where it is interpreted. So, we enjoy sex electrically through our nervous system.

E-stim equipment lets you send pleasurable sensations directly through nerves within your genitals, and the brain interprets this as sexual stimulation, which leads to orgasm.

That in its purest form is what e-stim and electrosex is all about. Sexual pleasure through nerve stimulation using tiny currents of electricity. Now you know the basics, let’s talk safety.

What are the risks with electrosex toys?

Like all practices, there are some safety points to bear in mind. Some conditions preclude e-stim fun and games. Don’t do it if you have a heart condition, this includes pacemakers or arrhythmia, also don’t do it if you are pregnant.

Always stim below the waist. As we are passing an electrical current through our body, it will follow the path of least resistance, which is usually a straight line. We don’t want to pass an electrical current through our chest. As we don’t want to risk interfering with the heart’s electrical impulses.

That’s the scary bit out of the way. So, what do we need to enjoy an e-stim session?

Basic equipment for electrosex

To stimulate ourselves using e-stim, we have to create a circuit with our body for the current to pass through our nerves.

We need three pieces of equipment. Firstly, we have an e-stim control box.

This is the machine that produces the electrical impulses that will flow through our bodies. These are available for all budgets.

So, whether you want to enjoy remote play over the internet, discreet play at home or even on the move you can find a suitable control box for your style and budget.

The control box is the most expensive piece of equipment you will need.

Secondly, we need a cable to attach the control box to some electrodes. These cables come in various lengths and with different types of plugs on them to suit different brands of control box.

Thirdly we have the electrodes, these are placed on or inside our body to allow the current to pass through us and then back down the cable to the control box to complete the circuit.

Think of the basic lightbulb electrical circuit we probably all learned in school. A battery (e-stim control box), cables and a socket (the two electrodes) that has a lightbulb (our body) in it. E-stim is as simple as that. It is the control box and electrode placement that makes the magic happen and allows us to enjoy electrosex.


The first and simplest electrodes that I am going to talk about is the humble self-adhesive monopole electrode.

Monopole simply means one pole or connection, so you will need two monopole electrodes on your body to allow the current to flow into and then out of you.

These electrodes are like those a doctor would use during an Electrocardiograph. They are cheap and incredibly flexible in terms of where you use them. You just stick them to your body and attach to a cable from your control box.

Another popular form of monopole electrode is a conductive rubber loop. These are often placed around a penis, or the penis and testicles and a cable is plugged into one end. Again, they are flexible in terms of where you use them, and you can use one of these and a pad.

A loop of conductive rubber can also be inserted in the vagina or anus to transmit the current internally to great effect.

Bi-polar electrodes, as their name suggests, are electrodes with two contact surfaces. As they take two plugs, you only need one of this type of electrode to make a circuit.

These are often insertable electrodes that can be placed inside the vagina or anus. Think of a butt plug with two contact surfaces, and you won’t go far wrong.

As electricity always takes the path of least resistance, we place our electrodes so that the current flows through nerve clusters in our genitals. For vagina owners, we target the clitoris, g-spot and perineal nerves. Penis owners tend to target the dorsal and perineal nerves as well as their prostate.

What does electrosex feel like?

So, your control box is connected to two contacts on or in your body, and you are now ready to switch it on. No doubt the thoughts at the forefront of your mind would be:

Will it hurt?
What does e-stim electrosex fun feel like?

Well, to answer your first question, no, it doesn’t hurt unless you want it to. This leads me on to the second question.

When you apply an e-stim current through your body at low levels, it feels like the hairs standing up on your skin. As you raise the power levels it then starts to feel a bit like very pleasurable pins and needles.

Continue to raise the power, and you will feel muscle contractions and more pronounced sensations. Whack the power right up, and it can feel like cramps.

Most people stick to the lower levels for electrosex pleasure play. Indeed, when using a bipolar electrode inside my vagina, I get the feeling of being ‘Ghost Fucked’.

This is where it feels like I am being fucked even though I know I am not. On higher levels, my kegel muscles tighten and relax, causing the electrode to move slightly, and this feels amazing.

Guys often enjoy taking insertable electrodes anally, and these can directly stimulate their prostates for some highly arousing effects.

Use of electrosex

E-stim is a fantastic way to masturbate, and it can be safe and extremely pleasurable. A hands-free orgasm feels amazing, and I can enjoy e-stim sessions that last hours delivering me orgasm after orgasm.

Once you get over any nervousness at the thought of putting electrical pulses through your sensitive bits, you can start to experiment with electrode positions and explore this fantastic activity.

I am hooked on it and even design my own electrodes so that I can tailor the experience to my needs.

Electrosex toys you can enjoy

E-Stim is becoming more and more mainstream these days with major manufacturers incorporating e-stim tech into vibrators to give them an added feature. Vibrators such as the Sizzling Simon use vibrations and e-stim sensations to complement each other to great effect.

These vibrators can be fun, but it is with basic electrodes and a made-for-play control box that you can really learn just how pleasurable e-stim can be.

Anyone interested in finding more about this fascinating way to get off or looking for an electrode position guide should check out my site guide for more information.

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