My lesbian neighbour sex confession…

It was September last year when she moved into the neighbourhood. She knocked on our door one Saturday morning. Tomi and I were still in bed. Thinking it was a delivery, I’d got up and answered the door in my underwear. Tomi liked it when I did that —seeing the person’s reaction and then their embarrassment as they tried not to stare. I acted like everything was normal—spoke to them, signed if necessary, said thank you and goodbye with my hand on my hip, thrusting my tits out at them with a big smile: my house, my rules.

“Who was that?” Tomi said when I got back into bed. “You took a while.”

“The new neighbour—she’s invited us around for a drink tonight.”

“She seem okay?” He turned towards me. The duvet moved, and he rubbed a hand against his chest.

“As much as I can work out from a five-minute conversation. And she’s hot.”

“Yeah? Why so?”

“Her eyes.” I sat up. “They were this deep shade of bluey-green. Great bone structure. I couldn’t place where she was from—something about her accent I couldn’t work out.”

“Do you want to go?”


“For the drink?”

“We should. Welcome her in, do the neighbourly thing, I suppose.” I lay back on the pillows and looked at the ceiling. Tomi put his hand on my thigh.

“She interrupted us,” he said.

I put my hand on top of his and moved it higher.

“Jesus,” he said. “What happened?” He starts stroking me with one finger.

“It’s you,” I said.



“It was her, I think,” he said, moving on top of me. “What was it about her?”

“No,” I said. “It’s you. You know how much you turn me on.”

“Come on—you deny it—but you can’t. This is the evidence,” he said as he slid straight inside me. I wrapped my legs around him and closed my eyes.

I choose a bottle of Rioja from the shelf and go to pay. Then I get another bottle so Tomi and I can have a drink first before going to hers. Just as we’re about to leave, I call Tomi into the kitchen.

“You’re really feeling it today, aren’t you?” he says, putting the wine on the worktop and starting to unbuckle his belt.

I’ve taken off my jeans and am standing there in my satin top and heels.

“Not that,” I say, taking his hands away from his belt. “Get me ready. Pretend we’re going there for a threesome, and I’m nervous about it, and you need to get me ready.”

He smiles and drops to his knees. I come so hard I think I’m going to pass out.

“Just sexual fantasies, right? You know I’m not into that,” he says when I’m putting my jeans back on. Tomi and his ex-girlfriend had had a threesome, and his ex had then left him for the woman they had the threesome with. He didn’t want that to happen to me. He was paranoid about it.

“Just fantasies,” I say and take his hand. 

There are boxes all over the place, some open with their contents half unpacked, others still closed. There is only a sofa, no other chairs. The new neighbour and I sit on the sofa, and Tomi sits on the floor in front of us. She smells so good of expensive perfume and her voice is soft and low. She’s wearing a dress and has bare feet. No bra under the dress. Every time she turns her attention to Tomi, I look at the shape of her breasts under her dress.

She asks us how Tomi and I got together. I tell her, and Tomi gets up and kisses my lips. He still tastes of me through the wine.

“What do you do?” I ask her.

“I’m in sales,” she says and changes the subject.

After another glass of wine, I go to the bathroom and on the way out, I look around upstairs. She’s made her bed up—all white covers and loads of white pillows and cushions. I don’t hear her come up behind me.

“Are you lost?” She asks.

“Sorry, I’m so nosy,” I say as I turn around. She puts a hand on my hip as she brushes past me and I get what feels like an electric pulse throb through my body with that one touch.

“Do you smoke?” she says as she heads downstairs with me behind her.

“No, I gave up.”

“Come keep me company while I have one outside.”


We stand on the patio, and she lights her cigarette. It is dark, and we look in at Tomi, who has now moved to the sofa and is looking at his phone.

“He’s very attractive, your man,” she says.

“I think so.” I can make out her nipples through her dress’s thin material, and I want to gently suck at her through the fabric. She smiles at me, and I think she can read my mind. The wine has kicked in, and I don’t care anymore.

“You’re gorgeous too,” I say and reach out to take her hand. She squeezes my hand back, and we stay, holding hands, looking in at Tomi.

“Would he not be into this?” she says, and I tell her no. She stubs her cigarette into a plant pot and moves behind me. She runs her hands up and down my sides. She moves my hair and kisses the back of my neck. I watch Tomi looking at his phone and sipping his wine. I turn to her and put my hand on the back of her head. I bring her face to mine and kiss her slowly at first. Then I pull the neckline of her dress down and look at her perfect breasts, her nipples hard in the Autumn air.

“You are so beautiful,” I say, but she quickly moves away and pulls her dress back up.

“Tomi,” she says—just as he opens the door.

He can tell because he knows me so well. I see a flick of anger pass over his face, and I tell him I’m sorry with my eyes. He storms out, and I run after him.

“I’m going home,” he says. “I can see how much you want this, so have it. But when you come back, I want to hear about it.”

The neighbour and I make love in her white bed. It’s my first time with a woman, and I love it. When I get back home in the early hours of the morning, I stroke Tomi awake and tell him about the way I went down on our new neighbour while he fucks me.

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