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Do you have a little harmless kink that turns you on? Something that for you personally, triggers an excitement and sexual response. Often it can be something as simple as a visual thrill that triggers that sexual tweak, for others it might be far more physical, an act of some nature. Whatever it might be, call it a fetish, kink or just strong desire for, it offers up an immense level of personal pleasure.

I was delighted to chat with Mark, an erotic writer who has kindly written a story called Hotel Soaking for FrolicMe about his personal kink for wet clothing on a girl and wanted to share in his own words his thoughts and feelings below.

“My personal kink is wet clothes on a girl. I’ve had it since before I knew what the feeling meant – no idea where it came from though I remember feeling a thrill as a child if it looked like a character on tv might be about to fall in a pool by accident.

Having thought about it over the years I think it’s a combination of two things. First there’s the obvious erotic image of a girl in clinging, transparent clothes. This has been a staple of softcore erotic photography for decades from the classic wet t shirt to the soapy lingerie sets popular in UK top shelf magazines in the 80s and 90s. The wet clothing accentuates the woman’s curves and the transparency reveals underwear or even the breasts without her actually taking off her clothes. Then there’s the shiny nature of the wet cloth which triggers a primal recognition of sweat and wetness in the same way red lipstick and blusher mimic female arousal. The droplets of water rolling down the cleavage are pretty significant too.

But the second element is the transgressive thrill. It’s one thing to get caught accidentally in the rain but it’s quite another to suddenly jump fully clothed into a pool, or join a man unexpectedly in his bath. That sends a message – even if it’s just ‘well I guess these clothes are coming off then’. There’s a delicious sense of abandon when a woman gets into water – not worrying about revealing her body or ruining her carefully controlled hair or outfit. “Screw it” she’s saying, “let’s do this”. If she does it slowly, for me personally, that’s more arousing than any striptease.

But it’s a subtle thing and in a world where straight pornography often seems focused on dropping the tease and any foreplay to cut straight to the usual list of positions and close ups of penetration perhaps wet clothes sex has no place? Is it too soft? Is it across the divide where porn and erotica become two different things?”

If you have a similar view, do feel free to share your thoughts below. Mark’s erotic story, Hotel Soaking will be published next.




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13 thoughts on “Do you share a kink for women in wet clothing?

  1. There’s something incredibly sexy (to me, anyway) about a prim and proper totally-under-control lady, a true “soul of decorum”, suddenly throwing all propriety to the wind and wetting and mudding and certainly ruining her beautiful clothes. It’s sooooo deliciously naughty.

  2. I share this beautiful kink, too! I’ve been aware of it since I was in my early-to-mid ‘teens. That’s the perfect time of life to fall in love with such a lovely fetish. First I was excited by the sight women or couples getting caught int he rain or “falling” into a pool fully dressed, or even wearing 1900-1910 dress swimwear. Those vintage women’s swim dresses looked like regular non-swim dresses.

    Wanting to feel what wet women were feeling, I dressed up and soaked myself in my yard sprinkler. To add to the deep joy I felt in wet clothes, I started sining joyfully each time I got wet, and now I always sing out loud while swimming in a dress suit at a lake swimming beach, enjoying the sweet smiles and cute giggles I get.

  3. Girls love guys in wet clothes too, it seems boys started to like wetkook after seeing a girl get wet well I saw a boy get wet in his jeans once and totally wanted to try it. We were on a school field trip in Yorkshire when I was about 14 and a boy went in the river by where we were staying. friends said he was stupid and I pretended to agree but really I felt a tingle like I hadn’t felt before. I wanted to try it, so I went to the river edge pretending to take a closer look and pretended to slip in wearing my jeans & t shirt. Boys in wet clothes are so damn sexy.

    • I love that, Claudia! It’s so nice to hear it does work both ways. The feelings you describe are exactly what I felt

  4. Mark totally nailed it. While the obvious visual cues are there (clinging shiny clothes), the thrill is to do something that you grew up getting told was “naughty” or just plain bad. Getting soaked is kind of a dare to defy what your parents told you and what people think is not normal. Some years ago a friend of mine and I went river tubing south of Austin, TX. Both of us ride horses so are into western riding gear and we conveniently “forgot” our swimsuits back at the house so we both went in the river with our jeans, boots, hats and all on. We actually had people cheering us as we floated by soaking wet. One girl at the end of the run stopped us and told us how cool it was that we did that. Took a lot of guts for me to do that in public but it was one of the highlights of that vacation. Can’t wait to go back and do it again!

  5. I am a fan of wetlook as well. Ever since my sister’s friend dove into our pool wearing jeans and a light blouse, I was hooked. I have had girlfriends who would get wet for me. I like to be spontaneous and I like to get wet in public, mostly hotel pools. I’ve actually started some clothed pool parties! I almost persuaded a lovely hotel receptionist to jump in, but she didn’t, although she did slip off her shoes and get her feet wet! I love how my clothes softly float around while I slowly swim around. I swim fully clothed any chance I get!

  6. I share that kink and luckaly found a girlfriend that is into it as well. I can not explain why, but it is attractive and exciting to see clothes getting wet. For me shoes should be part of the outfit. I even prefer just shoes getting wet than a whole outfit getting wet without shoes on. Shoes in my kink means boots or heels. It should have a femine look. My girlfriend likes it although she admits that without me she would not have started it. “It is the way you start looking at me when I wet my clothes that makes me feel sexy and is a turn on.”she says.

  7. Damn straight I share that kink. Also, since a young age. It’s a fetish genre called wetlook, and there are a lot of us around, and some very good producers that cater to it. For me? Three components from my childhood I think. Good girls didn’t strip naked for guys, but if they got wet and their clothes went see through and clingy? Hey, no problem. That was hot without guilt. Second, mom was adamant that I didn’t mess up my better clothes. I rebelled, I enjoyed doing the forbidden, messing up my dress clothes was a ball, a woman who would throw caution to the wind and do so also was really hot. And third, most women don’t think they have the ideal perfect body. Wetlook allows a woman to show off her best assets, while being able to downplay what she’s not so crazy about.

  8. It’s a great pleasure to watch it, but it hits me much fiercely to share this unique experience with any partner who loves getting wet himself. Me and my wife (for example) used to get wet together at home and in public (a very special thrill!), even though she’s never been thinking of wetlook as an essential erotic focus … since I told her about. That’s why I believe that there are more people with this hidden passion than admitting and exercising it.

    So go for a wetter life, folks!

  9. It’s the same for me! A woman in wet clothes can be far more exciting than a naked woman. It’s well described in the text why. And I love it, it’s absolutely my kink!

  10. Anna, I think you definitely make a film based on this article and the accompanying story. I know I would like to see it!

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