For a long time, I had a fantasy of being completely nude in front of a room full of women but I had never done anything about it. This is my exhibitionist sex confession.

After seeing an advert one day for life models for an art class, I was surprised when my partner suggested I do it. She was aware of the fantasy, we’d played it out a few times in the bedroom, but she also knew I longed to do it for real. Become a true exhibitionist.

Encouraged by her enthusiasm, I applied.

Applying for the position was a turn-on in itself. Completing the form, agreeing to pose nude for strangers, become and exhibitionist and be paid for it, was a dream. My sex confession was coming to life. Just agreeing to it gave me an erection. I was, therefore, quite surprised to get the job after a short interview.
The woman who interviewed me told me the class was small, only six or seven people, all women.

I turned up on the evening in question, and the nerves struck. I got the courage to get out of the car and entered the building.
The teacher greeted me and walked me to the changing room, where I was left alone to change. I disrobed and pulled on the gown I had brought. Again, I wondered if I dared to go through with it.

I took a deep breath and walked out into the class to see the women already standing behind their drawing pads. Some were watching me intently, others were still setting up their equipment.

And then I saw her. My wife was in the class!

She’d long had an interest in art, taking a few classes in college and had expressed an interest in getting back into it, but I had no idea she’d picked THIS class to kickstart her hobby! My eyes widened as she saw me. She smiled a small, almost imperceptible smile. She’d done this on purpose! Neither of us let on we knew the other. She looked back at her pad, and I concentrated on walking to the centre of the room without making an arse of myself.

There was a raised Dias in the centre of the studio, with the six artists positioned around so they could see from every angle.
Upon receiving the nod from the instructor, I slowly undid my belt. This was it, the point of no return. The belt fell loose about my waist, and before I could chicken out, I quickly dropped the robe off my shoulders and onto my arms. I removed it and held it out to the instructor, who took it from me. I then adopted the pose we had discussed at my interview, my arms over my head, bent at the elbows, crossed at the wrists, my left leg in front of my right.

I had achieved a lifelong ambition—I was completely nude in a room full of women. And I loved it! I loved that they were all looking at my cock, as it hung loose and free. I loved their eyes running over my arse, my thighs. I was so turned on and could feel my cock twitch slightly in arousal.

I cast my eye over to my wife. She wasn’t drawing, just looking, her pencil in her mouth. She made eye contact with me and parted her lips slightly. She was as turned on as me, knowing I was nude in front of all these women! My cock twitched again, and it was all I could do not to become fully aroused. I’d thought about it for so long that actually doing it could only be a disappointment, but I felt so horny and turned on.

Standing nude before all these women was so freeing. Before I knew it, it was break time. I was encouraged to look at the work in progress, and I did.

I was disappointed when the instructor handed back my robe as I wanted to remain nude, but I acquiesced and looked at their drawings of my cock. I left my wife until last. I stood next to her pad; she reached towards her work, pointing out some nuance and gently rubbed against my cock. It was a brief touch, barely a second, but she knew she did it, and it felt electric!

The class were given their 20-minute break allowing me to loosen up before posing again. I suspected I might need to wank myself off to prevent my arousal from showing more than it already had.

As the instructor left for a cigarette, I entered the changing room, planning on stroking myself off. My wife had other plans! She looked around to check no one was watching and followed me in. She sneaked behind me and closed the door. I turned around, and her eyes met mine as she stepped forward.

We didn’t say anything or even acknowledge that the other was there. She took my cock in her hand and massaged the shaft, causing it to stiffen. She placed her other hand on my balls. As she stroked my cock, she moved in, and our lips met for a deep, wet kiss. Being nude in front of all those women ensured I got erect pretty quickly, and she took a step to look on as my cock jerkily stiffened before her eyes.

She took her T-Shirt off over her head and dropped it to the floor. She reached around her back and quickly undid her bra with a flick of the wrist, letting it too drop to the floor. Her nipples were hard. My cock, already stiff, hardened even more at the sight of them. She has lovely tits, firm and small, with tight buds for nipples. My cock was so hard it hurt. She dropped her jeans and her panties in one move. She was naked before me in this strange room where anyone could enter. Taking a step over to me, she grabbed my cock hard and pulled me in close.

She parted her legs, and I dropped to my knees, kissing around her mound and placing my hands on her round arse cheeks. I started running my tongue in and around her pussy, and she moaned. She had shaved her pussy. As I thought, she had this all planned! She let me continue for a few moments before she pulled me up and dragged me to a seat in the changing room. She sat me down, straddled me and then placed her pussy lips right on the head of my cock. She sat down in one quick move, taking my engorged member inside her. She moved slowly, keeping me deep and forced her pelvic bone to mine. She ground up and around, her hands on my chest as she got herself where she wanted to be.

Her face flushed as she started to cum and her pussy started to pulsate. As she rode me, she moved up and down, teasing my cock. She took my hands and put them to her tits, gesturing for me to circle her nipples with my thumbs. Faster and faster, she moved her hips as she closed her eyes. Her breathing quickened and she came.

She didn’t stop; instead, she carried on riding me, teasing the tip of my cock, bringing it to her pussy lips and then slamming down again, taking me fully inside her. She rode me, teasing my shaft until she brought me to climax. Like an illicit quickie with a stranger, there was no time for anything afterwards. She climbed off me and dressed without a word. She checked no one was in the corridor and left.

I gave it a minute, dried myself off and followed her out, taking my position on the dias. Standing nude again before the class, my cock must surely have been still glistening with her juices.

I was so turned on by the events of the evening. Being naked in front of all these women was such a turn on, such a huge part of my sexual fantasy, but to be seduced like that was even better. No speaking or acknowledgement between us made it feel like we were both fucking a stranger. After the class, I look around at the class’s drawings again. My wife had drawn me with a fully erect cock!

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  1. Very hot confession, would have loved to be in the class sketching your cock glistening in your wife’s pussy juice. I hope you framed your wife’s picture.. sexy memories

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