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With so much going on these days, and believe me Frolicme is expanding in so many ways,  I wanted to make sure I keep my gorgeous members up to date with some of the new developments that are taking shape. In particular I have some more changes ahead on my site, one in particular which will go live in the next few days is focused on improving my Erotic Sex Art Gallery, the home of a mix of my best erotic imagery displayed in sets of beautiful photographic stills associated with each of my films and stories. All members will soon be able to click on an image featured, these are just a select few from each of my film and story collections and from that one click you will be able to see the entire gallery of photographs associated with that particular scene. Not only that but you will be able to enlarge and download for your personal viewing pleasure any of the images you see, as well as socially share them with the links attached. There will be direct navigation to both the story and or film page to make it easier to move around the site and go straight to the film or story that has caught your eye in my gallery. This and many more new developments are all in the final stages of creation so I will keep you posted as and when they are about to be published. Thank you again for all your support, there is so much more to come, so much more gorgeous erotica to feast your eyes on.

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