In my quest to broaden my reach across all new media I was ready to start exposing our saucy films to the world through Vimeo. A channel I should say I have so enjoyed for its inspirational content, its wealth of seriously good high quality productions, and its pure creative talent. But I should say I haven’t rushed at it, keen to look around to see what was being featured on Vimeo at my level of erotica. And I shall be honest, a little surprised there was as much out there at the level it was. So with my latest teaser in tow… Peeping Tom, I set my stall out and hosted it upon their site one evening last week.

All I can say is it was a mind blowing roller coaster. I expected a few plays, some interaction too, but the following morning I saw the Vimeo counter had recorded over 6,000 plays with some lovely supportive comments from other channel hosts and during the course of the day I felt as though I was on a finance desk, glancing as I did at my screen to see the counter continue to clock away. Every hour or so another 1,000 views and so it went on until we hit over 10,860 on the 2nd full day alone! Ah I was so excited to know I was finally reaching out in such numbers.

Then, the email landed! And my upload was gone! Apparently the video was deleted as it was deemed by Vimeo to be focused on sexual stimulation, which I have to say when looking around in the MATURE section I was in, felt pretty at home and if anything a little tame! Still to this day not sure where the difference was other than I am not the size of Playboy, as the whole section was full of gorgeous bare bottomed girls in very provocative and highly suggestive situations and poses. But I have been assured that we can post up again, just need to make a couple of carefully minor cuts and when we do, I shall let you know. However if you wish to see our little clip that we posted, the trailer is up with its fabulous music on our site and is the next film we will be releasing at the end of the week. Enjoy x

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