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Yet again erotica has proved to be a number one seller in its global draw and has shot to the top of Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller book lists. Admittedly we are talking of another book associated with the already widely read Grey trilogy which sold more than 125 m copies, but this time we hear the author, EL James has written a sequel focused on the complex character of Mr Christian Grey himself. What wonderful timing, in fact it’s pure genius, just before we all take to the beaches in search of lazy days with our easy summer time reads and also approximately 6 months after all the interest and furore of the first book’s film was released.

So be prepared to see bookshops, newsagents and airports galore decked with more Grey matter as it launches on 18th June which just happens to coincide with the fictional character’s birthday, again what genius marketing.

Apparently our fascination with this character has demanded this book be written and many fans craved more from the writer focused on Mr Grey. Indeed the author has dedicated this book to all those who asked and asked for this story to be voiced. Very little so far has been mentioned as to what we can expect, but we do know that the book will tell the tale of how he became the hugely successful millionaire by the age of just 27 and why he seeks such pleasures within his “Red Room of Pain”. It will be interesting to see how deep she gets into the world of explaining BDSM or whether this will be a lighter understanding of her character’s interest, pitched I’m sure at the perfect level for the 4th film in time to come. I am sure we can expect it to be another addictive read, whether it is your personal choice or not. I certainly will have to grab my copy as I whizz through the airport on my way to my next wave of shoots in Spain.

Grey erotica -

Grey erotica -

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