If you are wondering what membership package to take up, you can now take advantage of my new UPGRADE offering. This will allow any member the chance to change their membership package taking advantage of the best value erotica. An annual membership of just £59.95 per annum, which is the equivalent of a mere £4.95 per month at any time having already joined up! All you have to do is log in to your members admin area and click on the Upgrade put-on as below…that’s it the rest is done for you!!


This has to be one of the best value option for gorgeous, beautifully produced erotica on the web I’m sure! So if you have taken up a single month and want to reduce your payments but stay with me for oh so much longer… 12 months less a little longer.. just go to your Payment History and click on the UPGRADE button and it will automatically upgrade you to the annual payment less whatever is remaining from the payment made to date.


I am very aware that for many paying for erotica seems a strange and unnecessary thing to do. Well we must always remember that nothing is ever for free, and of course we do pay in the end, we pay in the lack of interesting films which are mass produced, low budget and poor quality.  So if you’re like me and would rather pay a few pennies and ensure your precious time is well spent watching something beautifully produced with sexy imagery, and erotic story lines, then you need only dip your hand in your pocket for a little, as I am conscious of providing the best value erotica which still doesn’t skimp on style, quality or elegance.

Loves to all my gorgeous members

Anna xx

Upgrade and Save

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