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Many of us use them, and the growth in the market is huge, but do we think we have what it takes to create a leading, highly marketable sex toy? Well if you do, get your ideas across quickly to Lovehoney, one of the largest global retailers of sex toys and accessories who are again seeking ideas for the next sex toy. I personally think this is a great concept! Plus there is instant money involved too, the winner of each category will win £1,000 and have the chance to go on and earn hundreds of thousands in royalties too. Lovehoney will then make and distribute your toy for you with the shares of all sales royalties going directly to you. Just to give you a little incentive, the inventor of the Sqweel an oral sex stimulator, the sex toy winner in 2009 has made over £100,000, is still earning and now in its 2nd generation, so it has great ongoing potential too. Check out the range of current toys from Lovehoney on our Toys Page.

There are just 3 categories to choose from, there is Sex Toys for Women, Sex Toys for Men and then lastly Sex Toys for Couples, with the judges picking an overall winner earning an additional £2,000 in prize money.

Do not be put off by your ability to execute your concept, what is really important is the creative thought process, its uniqueness and marketability. So you can present them in many ways, from computer-generated design, models or even just a hand drawn concept.

Oh and if you wonder who will be judging your entries, there is a significant line up of eminent individuals including the Lelo and Tickler founder Eric Kalén, Lovehoney Operations Manager Paul Jaques, Lovehoney Product Director Bonny Hall and Lovehoney Online Trading Manager Alice Little.

And should any of my fabulous members win, do make sure you drop me a line as would love to know and share in your success.

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