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I have just ventured back after my last wave of filming, a very busy but always fun-packed few days, where myself and my team let our imaginative naughtiness flow to produce what I hope is some of the most creative and best erotic movies online.

I am sure you must wonder what productions I am working on at any time, and indeed what I might be publishing in the near future. So just to keep you up to speed, here is a little picture hot off the film score from one of my porn films I produced last week. It hasn’t yet hit post-production but will give you a naughty little glimpse into one of my films to come. I have to say I am loving all the thrill and fun of producing such naughtiness.

Behind the scenes of this site I am constantly planning and producing more and more creative and imaginative erotica. For me the constant challenge is to keep my films creative and fresh, always hoping to offer different touches and styles to all my elegant erotica. One of my fabulous models even said to me a few days ago, “where do you get your inspiration from?”, I couldn’t help laugh when they quickly followed that up with, “you must just have a very naughty mind.” Thank goodness they answered that for me, because I think that is just it.

Naughty mind I certainly have and hope that when I produce a film that naughty little twist and approach will engage with my audience. I appreciate you can’t please everyone all the time, but I hope that as my site grows you will find the breadth, interest and variety will grow too. I want to explore more elements of pleasure, erotism and fetish tendencies, I really do think there will be no end to the different sex films I want to produce. During this last shoot, I was keen to play a little more with sex toys porn. One of my favourite models Tina Kay, a naughty little minx that she is, relished the chance to get strapped and tied up and delighted in getting horny in front of the camera with a ball gag while her pussy was exploding with sexy juice. Just what I want my films to be, beautiful, stylish, elegant and downright naughty.

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