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We had such a fabulous response to a recent disclosure by one of our Twitter followers, that many of our readers wondered what actually happened following her sunbathing moment with her stranger in the garden. Well I can say that we have now the complete story in 2 further parts. Here is the next naughty encounter, a true story and in her words, unedited from the lovely Miss X.

To my relief, life carried on as normal. I saw James a couple of times in the corridor, I tried to hide my shame by being extra cheerful, and he, being gracious, played along. I then bumped into James a few days later on the steps leading up to the flat. Still embarrassed, I took a tentative step and turned towards him. I remember watching the raindrops splatter on the concrete steps, wet drops appearing as if by magic at my feet. James took my hand, his heat enveloping my frame as he moved closer to me. I pulled away again, what was I doing? I shook my head silently and glanced up at his salacious smile. He bent as if to kiss me.
“I want to watch you again” he whispered directly into my left ear,
I shuddered involuntarily, it was not an unpleasant sensation. He let me go.
I let myself into the flat, shaky fingers fumbling at the lock. I scurried around the tiny kitchen looking for that half finished bottle of wine. It was only 11:30 but I sipped at it anyway, finishing the glass quickly. A quiet knock at the door surprised me. 
I opened it a little brusquely to see James there. I just stood quietly, a little reluctant to let him in. What was I afraid of? Well, being caught was one thing, losing control was another. He brushed me aside and strode into the room. Our small flat filled with electric sexuality. James removed his t shirt in one fluid motion and discarded it with a flick of his wrist. Motionless I watched him, saying nothing, my mind reeling, my appetite aroused.
He sat down on the solitary sofa facing me expectantly. I knew what he wanted. I shook my head, I felt silly, and giggled nervously. He looked at me quizzically, and then seemed a little irritated. This was spiraling out of control. I looked around nervously. My god, my heart was pounding. James stood up and moved over to where I stood taking my chin in his hand and tracing his thumb over my lips.
“I’m making you nervous, I know. Feeling out of control?” He stated ” I have an idea OK?” 
I nodded, his breath warm and heavy on my cheek. Turning around James headed towards the bedroom. Through the open door I could see him climb onto the neatly made bed, he had one of my scarves tied around one wrist and was tying the other end to the wooden bed post….”

Final part will be posted Friday.


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4 thoughts on “YOU Nº3 – A naughty tale to tell … part 2

  1. I am impressed with the guys package, maybe a tad jealous even. But I have to admit my curiosity not to how he obtains that size, but how does he keep those whities so clean????
    Ps: where can I read part one?

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