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I feel there should be more enjoyable porn out there for us girlies. We are after all 50% in most cases of the partnership within most sexual relationships so even on that basis getting closer to a more balanced offering should be available? Infact, I don’t think we need to be bombarded with material, that in itself I find gets very repetitive and takes the edge off the allure. I am certainly a more quality over quality girl with plenty of imagination. No, just to have a little quality to dip into now and again… to watch as we please, when the mood takes up and the horn levels are up. Whether alone or with a partner, something to aid a little sexual stimulation and press those naughty buttons in us, which we girls most certainly have. Thank you for your comments and so many direct messages too, so pleased your loving the naughty fun I chat about as well as all my images. I have to say it does though pose the question which I am most interested to know particularly with where my thoughts are going. If there was some gorgeous erotic movies online out there of an tasteful, sensual and beautiful nature … something very much geared to fuel girl’s fantasies like me, call it female friendly, would you buy it?  Would you buy erotica to watch? Or maybe buy for your partner? Would you be interested to see, be inquisitive? Would it change your mind on the subject of porn or would you see it as a new style of erotic material and therefore see the whole issue of buy erotic movies online differently? Do let me know, I am most interested, I truly am, so please please do drop me a message! Thank you xx

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13 thoughts on “Would you buy erotic movies online to watch?

  1. Just realising how poor my grammar is, oops :-s. I’m probably prying, but curious to know what you would love to see as it sounds like you have possible plan in mind? Might be worth looking into, if it is good it would certainly have my support :-).

    Glad to see you’re enjoying Prague :-).

  2. As promised, looking through your very sexy and erotic blog. Very much liking the sexy images, especially the confidence and very artistic approach.

    Quite agree that there should be more enjoyable and erotic material that is more geared to the erotic and sexy side. There is too much shock and degrading imagery which is warping the minds of our younger generations into believing that is how a sexual experience is when it is quite the opposite.

    Certainly would like to buy the erotic, beautiful and sensual and share it with a partner and even something she could enjoy alone to. Personally think that would be more exciting, whilst giving a more natural approach to sexual embraces. Plus helping others to enjoy a safer form of porn that shows women are amazing sexual creatures and should be embraced as human sexual beings with a mind that men should be aching to explore and share.

    I do believe men would benefit more to, bring us guys back to reality and in more in touch with out partners and life.

    • Thank you for your comments, I do so agree with you. There will always be a mass market side to porn, but it would be lovely to have options of other erotic material which who knows … may even change peoples view of this area of pleasure. I know what I would love to see, sadly it just isn’t there yet! Loves Anna xx

  3. Love that photo! Just found your blog….love it! Love your tumblr too!

    My answer would be yes, if it was a certain kind of erotic artistic porn. The mainstream porn I’ve seen rather disgusts me. It’s over the top, and mostly vulgar. There are some very sexy gifs and images such as on tumblr that elicit some lovely feelings inside! Something similar to that viral video floating around called, “Mine” Now that I would watch over and over again!

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