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I find the whole aspect of sexual acceptability a very interesting topic, though a bit of a minefield to steer through. As I build my brand of gorgeous sexy female friendly erotica I am finding so many different acceptability levels across the various social media platforms all of which I need to master as well as so many mediums I am having to learn what I can and can’t do, not all of them I should say make sense.

Some have just adopted a flat policy of NSFW (Not Safe for Work) such as Google + and do not offer ways to self rate certain more naughty items. But by doing so, they fail to ensure there is something for everyone within certain natural boundaries. In such cases they look at ruling out most forms of nudity, suggesting in that way that we can’t handle such naked offerings even though we are all pretty much sexual creatures one way or another with a range of interests and likes.

Yet Tumblr on the other hand, allows a very open and free content threshold, they potentially should have ways to rate and control the content. Even as an open minded adult I find some of the imagery rather shocking for such an open platform and there is no use of any terms or control such as moderate or restrictive. There is often very little that is restricted on Tumblr which is not necessarily a good thing if we do try and be responsible with the way we handle sexual imagery.

So while I am getting deeper and deeper into my social media world ironically I get invited to a charity event last Friday which I duly accept. As I arrive into a large group of ladies on the lawn on a sunny evening in the heart of glorious England, I get offered a glass of Pimms  by a pair of hot buttocks bold to the world with only a simple apron hiding the front of his modesty. That seemed cheekily acceptable by me and many many other married women from an array of respectable households who enjoyed the additional entertainment. His only restrictive rating was that of the apron which could blow up in the breeze at any time, but was there to offer just the right dose of suitable modesty. I think some social media sites should take a similar adult approach to their content and let us be mature about these things, but please ensure they give us some titillation value.


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