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Ah what a week, and I fear one in which I have slightly neglected my posts on here too, so I must apologise for that, and quickly get back to my other job at hand, that of keeping you better up to date with what goes on behind the scenes of an erotic site like mine. However my time away I must add quickly was for a very good reason, I was completely absorbed in more erotic filming. Naturally something that is always underway, coming up with more gorgeous erotica to keep you all entertained and twitching in your seats!

Earlier in the week I was in the thick of a series of very sexy shoots with a great team in London producing more fabulous films for you. I am pleased to say we have pulled off some very horny scenes and I am really pleased at the outcome which will be rolling out in the coming months for you.

I love getting behind the camera, planning the scenes, seeing the style of the shoot coming together and looking for those moments that I feel are arousing and sexually exciting for both men and women to watch. Something that at the end of it makes you feel good, not guilty, horny not bad.

You can expect to see more new faces …and bodies… some very hot sensual scenes, horny love-making scenes as well as some scenes with a few sexy kinky moments, the sort of scenes I love to throw in to add a little twist and fun. Naturally all in my signature style of filming. Something for the girls and boys. But do keep me posted with those little scenes you would love to see. I am always interested to know what turns you on. I certainly have a list of films I am keen to produce, so keep your thoughts rolling in so I can add them too. Oh and I haven’t forgotten how many of you responded to my question of a man pleasuring himself.. I saw a good bit through my lens this week…sexy!! xx




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3 thoughts on “So busy with more erotic filming just for you

    • Thank you SL, was a great week and i am sure you will love the scenes as had huge fun playing with some naughty kinks…hot hot hot !! x

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