SOFA SEX - Audio
SOFA SEX - Audio
SOFA SEX - Audio
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SOFA SEX - Audio

Lovers can’t keep their hands off each other

Listen to this deliciously naughty audio porn story of a very hot sofa fuck between secret lovers who oughtn’t to be fucking at all! Sometimes you can’t deny chemistry and these two keep on finding themselves in situations where one thing most definitely leads to another…

This time, they are reminiscing about all the secret rendezvous hook-ups they’ve had over the months, and this leads to yet another illicit encounter and a gloriously irresistible sofa fuck.

I remember the gentleness of your first kiss followed by the pure ferocity of all that followed as we groped each other and stumbled through the gate into the back garden, the arching safe arbour of a flowering, concealing hedge. Images came in a torrent now: me on my hands and knees in the garden, the scent of the lilac bush next to me filling the air, my dress pushed up around my hips, you sliding inside me so easily from behind. I had been so wet you just slipped right in, as if you belonged there, as if you owned my pussy. As if you owned me. And you had been so hard, so urgent. I remember your cum dribbling between my thighs as I walked back up the stairs to my friend’s apartment, where we pretended nothing at all had happened, just outside for a smoke…

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