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HIS TOY - Audio
HIS TOY - Audio
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HIS TOY - Audio

Arousing tale of submissive sex and pleasure

I am to be used. For pleasure. For your pleasure. 

I want you to read me. Read the words I’ve marked on my skin. I did it for you. Because I want your lust. Crave your desire more than my own. 

This is about me giving desire, through my words, through my body as I play for you. Beg for you. 

I always beg for you. For your touch. For your eyes to roam my skin. I want you to take your fill, of me. Only me. That is my one command. That you use me. As I am using you. 

Right now. 

I can’t wait. 

You may punish me for that later, but right now I need you. All of you. Every piece I’ll take, and still crave more. 

Enjoy listening to this steamy erotic audio submissive sex story of soft BDSM, as a submissive gets ready for her master. 

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Read all about the wonderful author: PJA Woode

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