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Woman enjoys a smoking hot fuck with her man in the alps

Do you ever dream of escaping it all for a weekend of hot passion and spontaneous sex? This is exactly what’s in store for our lovers Cherry and Sylvan as they head off together, their busy schedules finally colliding in an explosive meet-up as new lovers. Holed up in a cosy, secluded cabin, they waste no time in exploring each other’s bodies in the raunchiest of ways in their sexy love nest together…

Cherry opened the email and scanned the words before her: Flight details and check-in numbers. Her excitement bloomed as the details of a spontaneous sex trip, complete with delicious hot fucking filled her laptop screen. 

She was about to head into the gorgeous snowy Alps for four days and three nights with her darling newfound lover Sylvan. Oh, how he was turning into the most unexpected treat. 

The culmination of months of filthy sexting and online flirting, Cherry was about to experience the most orgasmic mini break, fuelled by Sylvan’s pleasures and his wickedly talented mouth. She fired off a naughty thank you message to him, her head filling with all the fun ways would enjoy teasing her new lover with some hot fuckery. 

This was a weekend of exploration that she couldn’t wait to begin; her mouth salivated with images of what was to come… and she frantically packed her bag, ensuring only her sexiest items were included… 

A spontaneous sex trip unites Cherry and Sylvan in this fabulously naughty Alpine mini break. Immerse yourself in this erotically charged audio porn of newfound holiday love and real female pleasure. The perfect accompaniment to our ethical female-produced adult film ‘WINTERS PLEASURES‘.

We hope you enjoy this seductive tale of a festive winter’s treat written and recorded especially to complement our erotic movie range.


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