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Girls fuck in a morning moment of desire and passion

Is there a more sensual moment in the day than waking up, cocooned in your sleep-warmed sheets, imagining your lover naked as you hear them in the shower? That’s exactly what happens as we watch girls fuck in all their morning glory in this beautiful film, Fresh Start. Knowing your lover is in the shower just a few steps away, listening as water cascades over their body, the dips and curves so familiar—particularly those dips… As the scene moves into the bathroom, where Cassie is caressing her soapy body in a very seductive way, it soon becomes clear that she has exactly the same thing on her mind, too.  

The morning sun shone through the room, casting a dreamy spell of tranquillity over their crumpled bedding. Elle stretched out, her body hitting the empty, warm patch where Cassie had been moments before; naked and relaxed, she lay sprawled in the sheets, her mind only half awake. Here is where the girls fuck from the night before, setting her in a trance of bliss. 

As the cascading sound of water drifted over Elle, she turned to capture a glimpse of the glorious Cassie rinsing her perfect, smooth skin under the shower. With the intimate naked vision of Cassie before her and the relaxed slumber of her body, Elle’s mind stirred up hot memories from just a few hours before… 

Soon, the shower isn’t the only thing steaming up the room as lust and sexual desire begin to rise in Elle’s body, triggered by the vision of a wet, bare Cassie sauntering sexily back into the bedroom. 

An erotically sensual depiction of female pleasure, this girl-on-girl audio porn story is the perfect accompaniment to our female-friendly porn film – FRESH START. Directed to present the natural beauty of female sexual wellbeing and desire. This is the perfect sexy audio story as our girls fuck to get you feeling in the mood. 

Read all about the wonderful author: Persephone Blackwell

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Read all about the wonderful author: Persephone Blackwell

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