The mutual sexual thrill of being watched

Excitement was coursing through her veins as she sat, semi-naked, waiting in the hotel room for him. As she heard the knock on the door, she knew this was their planned moment, and her body was buzzing. How had they come to this moment? Two work colleagues who had very quickly found themselves within the space of a short week mutual in this moment. In their sexting, they had raised the bar and found themselves seeking the same sexual thrill of being watched and being the watcher.

He wanted to study her curves and drink her in and allow her to show him her inner sexual vixen. She wanted him close, absorbed in her and her naughty sexual self while she pleasured her body masturbating before him.

Enjoy this highly arousing audio sex story of the pleasure of voyeur porn and the sexual thrill of being watched. Giving consenting pleasure to your voyeur heightening the excitement and pleasure.

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