HAD IT ALL - Audio

An erotic lost lovers encounter of splintering desire

Our relationship had hit a rocky patch five years ago when I’d followed my quick climbing career and relocated to Italy. Long distance wasn’t working, and I’d broken things off soon after. Though I’d never forgotten her, and thoughts of rekindled love had passed over the years.

Yet here we are in Oxfordshire, of all places, to be wined and dined at our CEO’s country home for all our recent corporate successes. Only we’re not with the others; we’ve snuck off away from the alcohol-fueled office talk to a quiet corner of the house. There are many years to catch up on, and as she’s standing before me, it feels like no time has passed.

Our connection is just as intoxicating as the last day we were together. No fuck that, this is way stronger.

She moves towards me, and there’s no denying the look in her eye. I read that look, the pounding desire shines out from her glazed gaze as she sways her hips, dancing before me. Her body was everything that I remembered and more. Our rekindled love ignited in a passionate remembrance.

A night of reconnection and splintering desire. We hope you enjoy listening to this erotic audio story and very steamy lost lovers encounter by the wonderful Sarah Michelle Lynch. Immerse yourself in the sex story read to you by a male voice.

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