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A horny couple have a desperately hot spontaneous fuck on their car

There’s something so very horny about backseat car sex, and this audio erotic story is fuelled by lustful memories of the cramped fucking of this couple’s youth. George and Antonia have reunited after many years apart, only to discover their chemistry and desire for each other is just as strong, and they can barely keep their hands to themselves.

A drive down memory lane ignites the ferociously passionate backseat car sex desires, and George is treated to a sexy wet blowjob as he grips the wheel hard. They have to pull over into his private garage beneath his office buildings so they can fuck over his car with abandon.

“Remember the days before you had money… and that car you drove then… what was that?”

He chuckles while keeping his eyes focused on the road; it’s icy today, and there’s a bit of traffic around. “Yeah, it was the Polo. Tiny thing.”

“Yeah. Remember when we were coming back from a drive to the mountains, and we pulled over and did it in the back seat?”

He groans at the memory. “It was uncomfortable. I can still feel the way my back ached afterwards.”

He takes my hand, squeezing my fingers. The twinkle in his eyes tells me all I need to know.

“Not much has changed, Toni. Except I think there’s more space now.” He gestures over into the back seat. “Though it’s too bright at this time of day, too many people. I saw police a few miles back prowling the roads.”

The thought of getting caught, impractical though it is, sends a thrill through me and a shiver down my spine. The image of George with his big dick pounding into me as my feet rock against the roof of the car…

The deliciously naughty thrill of backseat car sex is perfectly captured in this erotic audio by Sarah Michelle Lynch.  This story was written to accompany the raunchy car porn film, Revved Up, which you can watch now in full cinematic quality by clicking on the link by the photo.

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Read all about the wonderful author: Sarah Michelle Lynch

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