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Female desire, an intense intimate audio of an erotic lesbian connection

Female desire, intense, intimate audio of an erotic lesbian connection

A beautifully erotic lesbian sex story in an audio porn format to seduce your senses in every way. Have you ever set eyes on someone and just knew exactly how their skin would feel, how their kisses would taste, how your bodies would fit together so perfectly? This tale captures a moment of feminine desire and deep connection, where lust goes from being an unrequited prospect to a full lesbian sex story brought to life. We must all have experienced those feelings of desperately fancying a person at some point, and not knowing whether they feel the same can be excruciating. Those moments where thoughts of them occupy your mind, and they are all you can think about while butterflies flutter nervously in your stomach as you wait…

Ever since the moment I’d seen her, I’d hoped she would be gay. The desire to lick her beautiful smooth skin and caress her every inch. To be naked. Just myself and her. It was too much to bear, my thoughts mere teases to my overly active imagination. I needed her. 

I despaired at the prospect of her never noticing me, of the chance of ever getting to be with her disappearing. So that one night when I heard she was playing at a local bar, not only did my lust for her erupt even more at the realisation she was a musician. But I finally had my opportunity. With just a sliver of luck, I would finally get to taste her body, to touch her every curve and behold her pleasure… 

A night of focused, intimate female pleasure, where our lovers find a deep and satisfying sexual connection on every level. We hope you enjoy listening to this immersive lesbian sex story, the perfect accompaniment to our ethical female-produced porn video FOCUSED, where you can watch the scene play out in full cinematic quality.

Read all about the wonderful author: Miss Frolic

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Read all about the wonderful author: Miss Frolic

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