Sexy female masturbation story of a woman enjoying her time of self-pleasure

His side of the bed is empty. He must have left early. The scent of our love still lingers on the linen, and I stretch out languidly remembering last night. I let my fingers creep to my neck, tracing the line where he nibbled gently, just behind my ear, along my jawline and then to my lips.

I smile as I taste the tips of my fingers and a thought comes to my mind.

I will seduce myself this morning.

My body rises as desire begins to prickle through my erogenous zones. The covers and pillows warmed by my body give off the delicious scent of lavender mingled with our lovemaking. I pull the sheets up over my chest, relishing the way they gently slide over my nipples and I tease myself by closing my arms tight to my sides and touching only my neck and décolleté. I imagine it’s his touch trailing across my sensitive skin, toying with the tiny hairs behind my ear sending tingles of pleasure down the side of my neck.

I slowly push the duvet down to reveal my tightening breasts. He loves my breasts. He is a master of nipple play, and I think back to when he had me almost convulsing in orgasm through caressing my them. He’d stopped just at the point where I thought I’d fall into the bliss, saving it for another time, he said. I’d been momentarily angry with being edged like that, but he’d made up for it several times over in other ways. I would like to experience a nipplegasm though. I know women who can come from just having theirs tweaked between thumb and forefinger. Now that would be handy when feeling horny in inappropriate places wouldn’t it? Imagine just being able to slip your hand up your blouse and discreetly give yourself a good time in the supermarket or office. I’d be at it all day long. I sigh and smooth my hands over my naked flesh, taking time to savour the journey across my chest. I cup each breast, loving how the flesh bundles and heaves in my hands, responding to my touch.

I can’t help but give my nipples a roll to see if it works and am delighted when sparks of electricity shoot through my body. I wonder if it’s an acquired skill. I’m certainly ready to be a dedicated student. One more tweak and the sensation bolts back up to that divine point at my hairline and down to my shoulder. I love how connected the erogenous zones on our bodies are. He knows it all too well.

Oh, that point on my shoulder, I love to have nibbled, and he knows it. I wet my finger and trail it along, pretending it’s the tip of his tongue, licking and tasting my favourite places. The sensations are pulling me in all directions I can barely keep up to where they’re travelling next. My attention is drawn back to my breasts, my chest rising to meet my touch.

I’ve given permission to indulge every part of myself, and I almost have to slow down, but I’m hungry for me. Actually, I’m ravenous for me. I smooth out my palms and savour my curves on the way down my body, past the soft dip and swell of my tummy to my mound. I love the change between soft and hard beneath my skin. The bone of my pudenda showing resistance and giving an anchor to my greedy touch. My hips twist, and I dive both hands in between my thighs under the covers relishing the sound the lush duvet makes as it crumples into my body. That sound that makes my mouth water – the same reaction I get when walking on fresh white snow. The crunch and squeeze as my foot sinks into the yielding ground. Something so sensual and earthy about these sounds. They get intermingled with and heighten the experience. I have always invested in the very best linen I can – goose down duvets with Egyptian cotton sheets and covers. It’s almost a fetish, getting wrapped up in the sound as well as the covers. I crinkle it close again, letting the noises cascade into feelings all around and through me.

I’m hot, suddenly trapped by the covers, I push them off. Cool air refreshes me instantly, and I drag my leg up and over the bundled fabric relishing the pose.

I love exploring my body, touching, arching, enjoying my private time and adoration through this self-seduction. It is strange, but in a way, I don’t feel alone, his essence is all around me, inside me… I admire the lines of my side and hip the way he might, letting my gaze travel all the way down to the point of my toe…then back up to the spread of my cunt as I open my thighs wide.

It’s so raw being exposed like this and I chance a glimpse over to the bare windows, but I don’t really care if anyone’s watching. I’m just so caught up in my own sexiness that I’m lost to the world. My pussy yearns for more. I am wet and slick with desire, but I want to give myself an extra silky treat and reach for the lube on the bedside table.

I can’t help but smile as I flip open the lid, the cracking noise sending shivers of excitement through me as I tip the tube and squeeze some fluid onto my fingertips. There’s something so naughty about squeezing out lube, the squeak and squelch as it oozes from the bottle, there’s only one thing it can mean. Sex. All the sex.

The anticipation for the first touch is too much, and I can’t wait any longer. I slide my liquid cooled fingers down to my pussy, spreading my lips while grabbing my nipple and kneading my breast. I shove two fingers inside hard, it’s so good and has me gasping at the cold digits entering the furnace of my cunt. My pelvis thrusts upwards to meet my touch, and I ride my hands twitching and bucking as my own juices mingle and heat up the lube.

My excitement builds so quickly, I could come already. I slow down and take it easier, touching my neck and sighing. Trying to make it last as long as I can. I think back to last night and how he kept taking me to the edge of orgasm then holding off. I quite enjoyed it. It certainly made my climax pretty mind-blowing when it eventually came. By the time I’d emptied my juices over his cock, hands and face, we could have filled that lube bottle several times. I smile at the memory and feel a blush rise in my cheeks, and I start rubbing harder, round and round, caressing my whole vulva then pushing inside again.

My own groaning startles me, and it turns me on. Ah, the sweet noises of sex. I usually masturbate in silence, but I’m beginning to hear with my body’s responses. The lube makes squelchy noises, and I think of his cock sliding in hard and fucking me. I close my eyes and listen intently, holding my cunt with two hands and fuck myself hard. The sounds are so filthy rude, knowing it is me on my own making them is unbearably hot. I’m shoving fingers from each hand into my welcome yearning hole. It’s so hot to hear the wet noises my cunt makes. The first wave of my orgasm builds, and I rub faster, harder, holding my cunt as juices spill from me, back and forth I fuck faster, it sounds to lustful and raw. I am rising to the brink and with all the willpower I have, I stop.

That flash of frustration I had with him last night flares up and for an instant I’m furious. But it is a glorious fury. My mind and body have momentarily separated, and I’m asking it to trust me, that it will be worth the wait. My eyes squeeze shut, and a flush of warmth draws perspiration to my brow and across my breasts. It’s another stimulus for me to relish. I’m completely and utterly enveloped in my sexual responses. It is a thing of wonder and fascination. I’ve never taken time alone in this way – taking notice of every reaction, separating them out to cause and effect.

I am my own sex science experiment. I wonder how often he pleasures himself in this way. I’m brought back into the moment with that thought, and the slippery moist sounds of fuck have me mounting and rising again. Oh, fuck yes, Yes, I don’t know if I’m thinking it or saying it aloud but it mixes beautifully with my want, and I whimper. I’m rubbing my clit and spearing my cunt with two hard fingers. I am genuinely fucking myself as hard as he fucked me last night, I’ve got a good purchase on my mound, and although I’ve never called it this, I really feel like I’m wanking or jacking off just like he might. It’s hard and raw, and I can’t get enough of me.

My hands plunge in over and over, squelching and yearning, lifting me out of the physical and into the realm of impending climax, as I masturbate my pussy. I think of his cock in my cunt, my fist, my mouth, my ass and my body is coiled tight ready for release. I imagine seven of him shoving their way inside any which way they can. Stretching me and using me for their pleasure as I hang limp and sodden between them all buffeted around of wave after wave of orgasm. How many could I take? His cock is fairly sizeable, but in this frenzy of fuck, I believe I could take them all. Open up to everything they could give. Watching over their backs to mirrored walls to see their asses clench as they thrust into me. Oh yes, I can feel that. Stuffing my mouth full of cocks and fingers. I’d spray my come all over them outdoing them all in strength and volume.

My heart is racing now, and I’m high as I’ve ever been. My mind is taking me places I’m excited and outraged by. I’m tempted to edge again but hanging on the silent brink, suspended on the crest, my animal fury wins over, and I clench hard around my hands. My cunt swallows them up greedily, and I thrust five more times frantically hard and fast. Noises from my pussy and mouth combine and my body arches back in bliss. I could almost snap in two as the crescendo releases and crashes my body back to earth and while I spiral off into that orgasmic space.

What the actual fuck just happened?

I lie still, eyes still closed, letting my body slow and calm on its own, trying not to let my mind wander into the territory of guilt. Trying to let the waves of oxytocin embrace me and hold me to this moment. The doubt creeping at the edges is banished, and I stretch out, releasing the grip on my mound, giving my vulva a little massage. Then a beautiful euphoria begins to rise throughout me. Oh, how I love this glow. I’m riding the wave of bliss and caress my body with my wet fingers leaving silvery trails of pleasure over my sensitive skin. I can’t quite stop touching myself and dip my hands down one last time before stretching out and relishing the beautiful connection I’ve just had.

Oh if we could bottle these sensations, just think what a world we’d live in. So beautiful, so peaceful, so free. I don’t want to come down yet, I want to be encased in this cocoon of rapture forever.

I snuggle back into the oversized feather pillows and find his maroon scarf. I pull it to my face, inhaling his scent and drag the heavy duvet back over me. How decadent and delicious. That soft crinkle of the duvet sliding and cracking in its cotton cover has me brimming with contentment. My mouth waters again but it’s not sexual this time, it’s a real and deep joy. Contentment is the word. If there’s one sound I wish I could make right now, it’s purring. That feels like it would be the perfect end to my solo adventure. As if on cue, a shaft of sunlight streaks through the window and right onto the bed. I curl into it, absorbing even more power and locking it into my soul.
I think of how wonderful the human body is, and the mind. Perhaps we don’t pay enough attention to ourselves in a sexual energy way. It’s almost like sex magic. I’m sure we could all enjoy life a little more if we took the time to connect with ourselves in this way. Unashamed and proud of what we can achieve.

A perfect unity of mind, body and soul. All within us.

I start dozing off in the sunshine, my ruminations taking me deeper into my orgasmic theories.

My hands softly creep back down between my legs, and I fold in on myself, wondering if I have the energy for another lazy climax but my body is tired and I feel quite weak. Pity, the places my mind has been taking me, fractals of cocks and pussies and tits and asses, as I’m drifting in and out of a dream. I’m turned on and horny but too exhausted to do anything about it.

I hear a click of the door handle, and I’m startled into sudden consciousness. I grab at the duvet to cover my nakedness and hold my breath as a key turns in the lock.
Although my heart is drumming against my chest, I know it’s him, and I lie back, trying to settle while being hyper-aware of every sound he makes as he walks through the house to the bedroom.

At last, he reaches the door and opens it.

“Hello, hello,” he says, a smile dancing over his whole face, lighting up his eyes, “what’s been going on here then?” He’s pulling at his tie and unbuttoning his shirt while striding towards the bed. I can see his burgeoning erection already through his trousers, and I throw back the duvet just as he dives on to me.

“Why are you back so early?” I whisper into his hair as he devours my neck with his teeth and lips making me writhe and squirm in renewed pleasure.

“I decided I needed to enjoy life a little more, so I ducked out early.” He looks up and flashes me his beautiful smile again. “It looks like I wasn’t the only one…”

He laughs softly and shucks off the rest of his clothing before joining me under the duvet, tube of lube in hand.

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  1. It has always been a favorite fantasy of mine to secretly catch my wife pleasuring herself. Sometimes I slip into the room and we pleasure each other, but most times I just watch. I know she knows I’m there, but I think that he’s her off even more

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