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EYE SPY - Audio

Deep fantasy of being seen having sex through her window

Would you be daring enough to be seen through my window having sex, in full view of anyone who happened to be passing? Would it turn you on? Give you that thrill of squirming in quivering, sexy fear of who might see? Smearing that glass with the evidence of your hot wet sex.

While viewing a new apartment, Alexis finally gets to voice her deepest fantasy of having through my window sex when she sees the glorious ceiling-to-floor bays overlooking the streets below.

“It’s fabulous, darling, do you see its potential?”

Alexis had hurried to the window in the bedroom, taking in the panoramic view while grasping its frame and arching her back, ensuring that her plump rear was in Charlie’s eyeline. He’d stepped up close, his warm breath in the crook of her neck fogging the glass. When she ground her ass against his crotch and gave a sultry moan, he was undone, his cock rose to attention in his dress slacks.

“People might see us,” he warned, even though he was already hitching up Alexis’ skirt to admire her toned thighs encased in black hold-up stockings and her peachy backside, cleaved with only a strip of lace.

“Exactly, sex at a window—that’s what’s so exciting,” she gasped and spun in his arms.

Alexis fastened her lips on Charlie’s, letting her tongue lure him with its nimble dance.

“I love the idea of being watched,” she sighed. “We should install a bath right here.”

Will Alexis get to indulge in her very naughty fantasy?

Listen to this glorious audio porn story written by Frolicme author Posy Churchgate to perfectly complement the erotic film I Spy of a watching voyeur in full cinematic quality. FrolicMe produces ethical porn and erotica to enhance your sexy adventures and explore your saucy side.

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