If you have the chance tune in later to hear me chat on Playboy radio. I was thrilled to be asked if I would like to join in and be interviewed by Miyoko, Former Playboy TV talk show host. I will be chatting about my experiences of erotic filming and what makes for good, sexy erotic content in the discussion later this evening. Miyoko, an award-winning author on sexuality, has a fabulous regular feature called Play with Me on which I will be spilling the beans on why I decided to set up frolicme.com and tips on how to create your own very sexy erotic videos.

I say this evening it will be airing at 12pm PST or rather 8pm GMT! So do click on the link so you can listen live to the chat on Playboy radio .

Playboy set up the internet based radio station in 2002, which still runs today. It hosts a wide variety of sex orientated chat and feature shows including a behind the scenes show called Mansion Mayhem focused on the goings on within the Playboy mansion.

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