Woman gets aroused with a late night sexy search online

Jennifer Jane opened her laptop with a huff of frustration. Her man, Ridge was crashed out beside her, his rugged muscular body sprawled face down in the pillows. Attending the wedding of his friend from university had been a long day for both of them. Returning to their hotel room he had stripped off his clothes, hit the sheets and immediately fallen asleep. Jennifer was still buzzing, solo sex was defiantly on the cards for her this evening.

She’d hung up her slinky dress earlier but still wore her flimsy black underwear, beautifully embroidered with flowers and decal jewels. She’d hoped that when they got back to the room her fella would feast his eyes on this sexy concoction before pushing insistently at the latticework of straps, feeling impatient to lock his lips on her peaking nipples. That he’d nibble and tease them through the sheer fabric, until she groaned her appreciation, but her sexual fantasy had not materialised. Removing his fancy clothes, Ridge had promptly fallen fast asleep while she’d been in the bathroom brushing her teeth.

Jennifer was pretty ticked off, she loved hotel sex. She embraced the abandonment of all rules, the devil-may-care anonymity to hotel sex where the bedroom and bathroom were exciting, uncharted territory. She could ditch any concerns about people who knew her overhearing moans and groans. The moment they’d let themselves into the pristine room, Jennifer had become aware of the ball of lust burning low in her pelvis. She’d parked her suitcase and, grabbing Ridge by his belt buckle, had pulled him into her for a hungry kiss. As he leaned into the embrace, cupping the globes of her ass, she’d reached between... read the rest of this story please login or register to read the full story free.

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