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“You look amazing in that dress,” Mark growled in his girlfriend’s ear as he walked into her apartment. His hands were around the waist of her retro dress, pulling her back hard towards his hips to let her feel his appreciation. “Makes me want to fuck you here in the hallway.” Satine’s ass was beautifully rounded, her breasts just the right fit for his palms, and her pink flesh perfectly squeezable. She was curvy like a 1950’s pinup poster girl. Once Mark had mentioned his fondness for the look, and she’d played it up with sexy little flared dresses ever since. Today she’d paired a black number with matching patterned scarves around her ponytail and her neck. When she looked like this Mark had no control. The sexy part was Satine knew it. “Not yet,” she giggled, tossing her curly, blonde ponytail as she batted her eyelashes. “I have other plans.” His cock twitched at the promise laced in those seemingly innocuous words. Mark still hadn’t wrapped his head around how Satine could seem so perfectly innocent and completely filthy at the same time. As if she knew what he was thinking, Satine giggled again, grabbed the growing bulge in his pants and started leading him into the bedroom. Mark knew he was in for a long and torturous afternoon. She’d promised that over the phone. When they first met, Mark would never have guessed how kinky Satine was. She’d seemed fairly ordinary. Averagely pretty, likeable enough, and apparently successful from what his friends had told him, but nothing about her really stood out. It wasn’t until he’d accidentally spilled a drink on her that she caught his attention. He’d been apologizing and had to stop mid-sentence as her hand had risen to the sweetheart neckline of her dress. With…


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