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Ripped pantyhose sex film

This pantyhose sex film is full of fun and tease, which should certainly leave you smiling if not up for your own bit of kinky sex. Don’t be fooled by the innocent looking and lovely Satine, underneath the appearance she has a kinky mischievous mind.

The scene begins all innocently. Satine, a young pretty curvaceous naked blonde girl appears revealing her gorgeous pale pink flesh and begins to get dressed in her bedroom. Little do we know but moments earlier she had taken her silk scarves from her drawer and tied her gorgeous big and very firm muscular boyfriend Mark to the bed, thereby letting him watch her as she gets dressed. Her mind all along enjoying the kinky tease he is personally receiving but can do nothing about. Rather than putting on her panties first, she deliberately puts on the nude pantyhose in a manner that she knows turns her man on. And so the film begins as she plays to him, while he is firmly strapped and restrained to the bed in an aroused naked state.

She knows just where she wants him and ensures she enjoys the fun of watching him writhe and twitch while she plays with her swollen pussy only inches from his lips. The agony as she lowers her hairy pussy enough to let him breathe in her scent and his tongue touch and taste her pleasure. Helpless to her tormenting there is little he can do but get turned on and lies naked and horny. She ensures just enough fun is had before she straddles his hard cock and rides him for her pleasure, after delivering a passionate blowjob. Such a wicked girl but lots of fun to enjoy in this pantyhose sex film.

This is certainly a film for those stocking and nylon lovers who enjoy the pleasure the sheer transparent material offers and how it can be so naughtily ripped. It has just enough delicious fun about it that I am sure you will enjoy, and the delightful Satine, with her wholesome innocence is a pleasure to watch.




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5 thoughts on “Ripped pantyhose sex film

  1. Wow, this film really turned me on. The pantyhose, her control of him, the way she teased him–incredible. In some parts I wish her head wasn’t cut off, though. But I still love them. Beautiful work, beautiful people. Thanks!

  2. I see pictures of films on the rotating banner, but I can’t find them in the library. Do they exist, or are they future shows?

    • Sorry maybe I am teasing you just too much! Yes some of the images on the rotating banner are for those on their way… a little taster of what is to come, so I hope you’ll stay posted! Oh and yes.. they are hot. Anna xx

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