Sensual brunette passionately fucks her new Spanish lover

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Past the point of caring, she was going to destroy him with the molten heat building inside her. In her black, string bikini and sarong, she felt a power flush through her limbs she’d never felt before. She felt vital and strong, and more alive than she’d felt in months. And it was all Diego’s fault, from the telltale tremor in her hands to the nagging pulse of desire deep in her body’s core. It was his fault for walking into a room – for the way he turned eyes like wet obsidian on her – for the way the corner of his mouth pulled up in that wry, half-smile when he was pretending not to notice the way the air prickled with electricity anytime they were in arm’s reach of each other. And now that they were alone in the flat her father’s company owned, she was going to devastate him with all the burning delicacies her body had...

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to offer. The tingling had started four days before, when he picked her up at the airport. He wasn’t what she expected the manager of her father’s office in Malaga to be. Nor could she imagine what he must have expected as he waited for the boss’s daughter to walk through customs, but there had been an unmistakable gleam of surprise in his eyes. She was there for a sorely needed holiday. After the breakup with Michael, her father had practically forced her to go. He’d bought her ticket, reserved the company flat, and arranged for Diego to pick her up and show her around. She was an assignment from the boss, but she couldn’t be so out of practice as to mistake the look in his eye. Yet he’d been so agonizingly careful around her, as if she were…

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