Sensual brunette passionately fucks her new Spanish lover

Past the point of caring, she was going to destroy him with the molten heat building inside her. In her black, string bikini and sarong, she felt a power flush through her limbs she’d never felt before. She felt vital and strong, and more alive than she’d felt in months. And it was all Diego’s fault, from the telltale tremor in her hands to the nagging pulse of desire deep in her body’s core. It was his fault for walking into a room – for the way he turned eyes like wet obsidian on her – for the way the corner of his mouth pulled up in that wry, half-smile when he was pretending not to notice the way the air prickled with electricity anytime they were in arm’s reach of each other.

And now that they were alone in the flat her father’s company-owned, she was going to devastate him with all the burning delicacies her body had to offer.

The tingling had started four days before when he picked her up at the airport. He wasn’t what she expected the manager of her father’s office in Malaga to be. Nor could she imagine what he must have expected as he waited for the boss’s daughter to walk through customs, but there had been an unmistakable gleam of surprise in his eyes.

She was there for a sorely needed holiday. After the breakup with Michael, her father had practically forced her to go. He’d bought her ticket, reserved the company flat, and arranged for Diego to pick her up and show her around. She was an assignment from the boss, but she couldn’t be so out of practice as to mistake the look in his eye. Yet he’d been so agonisingly careful around her as if she were off-limits.

Yet the more time they spent together – sitting in cafes and restaurants – Diego taking her on walks through centuries’ old plazas – the more she was determined to obliterate his caution. There was something at stake. Something between them thick enough to slice, and it was bigger than either of their circumstances.

The moment he’d walked into the café forty minutes earlier in his beach shorts and that tortuously tight shirt, she knew it was now or never. They were supposed to go on a walk to the beach, but without exchanging a word over the direction they were headed, they headed straight back to the flat.

The moment the door closed behind them, the air-conditioned coolness of the room only heightened the sensation of heat rising from Lena’s skin. In the moment she had her back turned to him, listening to the sounds of him shutting them inside, she searched her spinning mind for the right words. She knew he saw the truth of the smouldering chemistry between them. It was too strong. But words failed her as if they’d been scattered to the four corners of the world by the brewing storm of her hammering pulse.

He touched her shoulder from behind and she turned into the space between his solid, beefy arms. Past the point of caring anymore, she leaned in to kiss him.

Diego was already leaning to kiss her and their lips fused in a damp collision. Denial crumbled to dust under the force of their mutual need. She whimpered into his open mouth while her hands skimmed over the tightly muscled form beneath his clinging shirt.

Large hands roamed over the silken surface of her arms and shoulders, finally over her back and down her torso, bare but for the scant interruption of the bikini string. God. He was finally touching her the way she needed. The way she knew he needed just as badly.

When the kiss broke, it was only for their mutual need to breathe, but those eyes that had plagued her dreams these past few nights were scant inches away. He gazed back at her steadily while the light pulse of his breath grazed her lips. His hands slid across her ribcage until he was touching her breasts through the skimpy fabric of her bikini, the pads of his large thumbs brushing back and forth across the rigid points of her nipples.

“I’m taking you, Diego,” she finally said, romantic sex plaguing her mind. “You can’t play your Mr Manners game with me anymore. I’m taking you as if I’m entitled, whether I am or not, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

“Is that so?” he replied in his heavily accented English.

“Oh yes. You’ve teased me long enough. It’s time to make you pay for your arrogant little sins.”

Her nipples grew harder and throbbed under the steady brush of his thumbs, yet there was still an air of hesitation in his touch. His fingers never moved to push underneath her bikini, only serving to send that flame burning in her core higher than ever.

He snickered. “I don’t think so,” he said, tweezing her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. “Besides, it’s supposed to be the other way around. The man takes the woman.”

“Not today,” she said, her hands cupping the tight pecs bulging through his shirt. “Today you’re just going to have to put aside all those macho notions. I know you want me, but you’re going to have to deal with me claiming you or you’ll never get another chance.”

Lena had never spoken to a man that way, and in the end, she didn’t even mean it. Michael would have looked at her as if she’d lost her mind. But Diego was looking at her as if he’d just been served a woman-sized piece of strawberry shortcake, dripping with cream.

“You talk like a spoiled rich girl who needs to be spanked.”

Lena felt her eyes water and her face flush with heat. She didn’t know whether to slap him or rip his shorts off. He squeezed her nipples harder and her pussy flushed with agonising heat.

“Maybe I am, and maybe I do.” She grabbed his wrist and pulled him toward the sofa, shoving him backwards. “But there’s only one way you’re going to find out…and this is it.”

In a deft flick of her wrist, she loosened her sarong and let it fall. Then she climbed onto the sofa, straddling his hips. She leaned down to kiss him again while she reached behind to untie the top of her bikini, exposing her aching breasts as she ground her pussy against the prominent bulge in Diego’s shorts.

She didn’t think it was possible to taste enough of his mouth or get enough of the feel of their tongues dancing between their parted lips. His hands grasped at her hips, savouring the feel of her skin as they moved to clutch the shapely spheres of her ass. When she finally rid herself of her top, she reared upright, letting the stiff-pointed teacups of her naked breasts hover in his face.

A guttural moan rose from his throat as his hands slid from her ass to cup and squeeze her breasts. He lay back only long enough to let her unbutton his shirt before rising up to taste her breasts. She could feel the painful strain of his cock inside his shorts while he nuzzled her body with his face and hands, his tongue wetting her nipples.

Somehow, even trapped under the clamp of her thighs and pussy, the power of his desire was rattling the façade of her alleged control. His hands were strong, caressing her firmly, and the insistent press of his cock through the gusset of her bikini was causing her to soak through the fabric.

She pulled his shirt off his shoulders and pushed him back down against the plush cushions. Moving further down his legs, she untied his shorts and pulled them lower as he lifted his ass. Her heart raced when she saw the beautifully thick, sturdy cock snap up against his taut belly.

She pinned him with her eyes as she leaned down and took his impossibly hard flesh in her hand, drawing him upright to lower her mouth toward his oozing dome. He moaned the second her breath hit him. She’d never had anything so thick inside her mouth before, but the throaty growl he released as her lips enclosed the head made her feel there was nothing she couldn’t do.

Suddenly her mouth was full of rich, tangy flesh. With her hand wrapped around the base, she kept her eyes on his wincing face as she stroked the upper half of his cock with her moist lips. He groaned deeper, harder, reaching for her face and brushing her dark, luxurious hair aside as he gazed at her sucking his cock.

Feeling his eyes on her as she stroked his shaft with her mouth only made her pulse beat harder and faster. The broiling emptiness of her pussy was clawing at the walls of her consciousness. She might have sucked him until he filled her mouth with his cream, but she realized she was the one who could only take so much more.

She finally released his pulsing cock from her mouth, pulled his shorts the rest of the way off and yanked off her bikini bottom. His eyes were constantly on her as she moved back over him to sit astride his hips. Holding his cock in place, she finally lowered her smoothly waxed pussy onto his rigid shaft.

They groaned at the same time, and he pulled her forward to kiss her as she began to ride his length with the rocking drive of her hips. He clutched her ass tightly, pulling her open as he met the rock of her hips with his thrusting cock.

She felt the power in his hips, in the unrelenting push and pull of his impossibly thick cock while he kissed her with a hunger that made her head swim. She started to cum, but he held on, holding back his explosion as he drove into her deeper and faster.

Finally, he rolled, taking her with him, until she found herself lying beneath him. His cock was still embedded deeply in her pussy as he gazed down at her. She was no longer the boss’s daughter. No longer some obligation to be fulfilled. She was his. The essence of who she was and everything she desired belonged to him as he drove his throbbing stalk deeply into her body.

The slick, see-saw friction of his solid girth was turning her into some raw, writhing thing. Some helpless organism fed on its own needs and desires. Just as she felt the telltale ripples of another climax, he reared upright and pulled his cock out of her body, leaving her panting and inflamed.

“I want you from behind,” he said simply.

Between his growling tone and wild look of need, she couldn’t speak. She took one, lingering gaze at his cock as it stood up, glistening with her honey, then she rolled over and tucked her knees under her body, raising her ass for him.

He clutched and squeezed at her cheeks while his wet cock ground back into the sheath between her swollen sex lips.

“Oh, fuck, Diego…yes,” she mewled as he thrust hard and deep into her pussy.

“Show me how you like your rim touched, dirty little rich girl,” he growled.

Lena’s eyes watered. Her pussy wouldn’t stop rippling from within as he drove her hard to the edge. Her heart was pounding as she reached back between her own cheeks fingered her rim. Despite his nasty words, she felt anything but dirty. She felt beautiful, and the dire force of his needful thrusts proved how desired she was beyond anything she’d ever known.

As she started to cum, Diego gripped her hips and thrust with a force that rocked her entire body. His fat shank exploded with blossoms of wet heat inside her while he moaned and gasped for precious air.

When it was over, he slowly pulled his cock from her pussy, and they lay together on the sofa.   It was a long time before either could speak, but the softness of his lips on her neck told her everything she needed to know.

“I guess I should’ve asked if you have someone,” she finally said. “A girlfriend…or…”

“No one,” he replied. And then he smiled. “But there’s someone I’ve got my eye on, and she’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”


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