Beautiful dominant master with slave sex story

Bulky leather cuffs encircled my wrists. Matthew’s warmth had dissipated from my skin and a shiver ran through my body. I could see shapes and colors, but the gauzy blindfold didn’t allow me to see much more. It was strange being cuffed yet free to move around. Normally, I’d be strapped down, BDSM style, awaiting whatever Matthew felt like doing to my entrapped body, but not today.

I could hear his breathing and movement. The soft sound of clothing being removed was easy to identify because I could see the shadowy movement that accompanied it. Running my fingers along the lace corset that covered my flesh caught his attention.

“Are you enjoying your surprise, baby girl?” Matthew’s voice was hushed, as if he were afraid that someone might overhear.

“Oh, yes Sir. This is the best thing ever. How much time do we have?” I stretched, reaching high, elongating my torso, standing on tip-toe. Feeling Matthew’s gaze on my body warmed me up faster than anything. I could feel the path his eyes took.

“We have all night, my love.” Matthew sprawled himself on the king size bed. I stepped towards him, wanting to join him on the monstrous-sized mattress. “No wait. I want to watch you for a bit. I want to savor every moment of tonight. Turn me on, baby girl.”

Flustered, I had no idea what to do. We’d never played like this before. I was always caught and tied down, used for his pleasure, and then rewarded with my own. How was I to know what he wanted me to do without his instructions?

“Touch yourself, Veronica. Masturbate for me.” The command radiated out of him and I shook a little.

Breathing hard and fast, I slid my fingertips along my body, following the contours of the corset. Specially made for my body, another gift from my beloved Matthew, I knew he loved seeing me wear it. I touched my breasts, encircling my nipples with my fingertips. I wondered if the beautiful flush that covered his muscled body had started moving up his skin. I loved seeing him filled with lust in such an obvious way. Just thinking about it made my lower lips tingle, so I headed down, down, down, hoping his eyes were following my fingers.

The week had been a rough one. After a short vacation, the boss had been especially needy this week. He constantly yelled for people to be found or called. It didn’t matter if I was answering the phones or trying to help a customer at the counter, his needs came first. He was like an emperor who enjoyed abusing his power – always asking for more than what you can give at that very moment because he knew you were bombarded with tasks that needed your immediate attention.

Matthew and I had been trying to plan a vacation for a few months, a true getaway. Unfortunately, our calendars rarely synced to plan a proper escape. His job required him to travel, while I was stuck in town. The last time I traveled with him on a work trip, we’d barely gotten any time to ourselves, other than to sleep.

Matthew cleared his throat, causing my thoughts returned to the present. Unsure of how long I’d been lost in thought, I bit my lower lip,... read the rest of this story please login or register to read the full story free.

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  1. Lovely sexy dynamic, enjoyed all the small details – the scents and sounds. Great D/s scene, I’m left wondering how else they played that night!

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