Sexual brunette masturbates to memories of past sexual encounters

It’s in your mind, it’s playing with you. That thought of arousing yourself while you are quietly alone, a solo moment of masturbation pleasure. You can’t avoid it, and nor should you feel guilty that you want that certain sexual stimulation your active brain is wrestling with. Here and now is that chance to explore and seek that pleasure and enjoy those personal sensations that you know will surge through your body in what you hope will be an uncontrollable flood of all consuming pleasure.

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Now you find yourself alone so here is that chance of some special solo self-loving. So you take it and let your thoughts run with it. It’s not difficult when your mind is already tweaking at those parts deep in your muscles that you can’t so easily touch. That twitch, the secret urge you succumb to.

What’s now in your head? A past sexual encounter, one you want to relive again as you first let your hands wander over your body and touch yourself. Did it feel as good when someone else touched you there? Did they keep touching until that build up of sweet sensation grew into an intoxicating excitement your body began to shout for? Do you need other stimulation maybe in a visual sense or are just the circling of your fingers in your warm swelling lips enough to send you straight to a place you love to go and can so easily.

You know how it feels and direct your hands and touch accordingly, edging your physical action more into that specific zone. It feels so good. You don’t stop, why should you. Your body is craving for this attention and you more than anyone know just how to fulfill its wants. Keep that pressure of your touch, repeat and repeat and feel it surging in your muscles, the wave is rolling in and you know its will soon be crashing through your body. This is just for you and no one else.

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