Horny, submissive kitten controlled and aroused by her daddy

I’m Katy, and I’m a sexy little kitten, happily owned by Edward who guides my play and brings structure to my life. We met at a munch and have been together for almost a year now. Edward loves to shower me with gifts, things for our sensual play or to make me look and feel pretty. He bought this sexy black and cream underwear I’m wearing, also a large jet ring for my right hand.

He booked us into this hotel for a day of play because he’s going away to the U.S. on a business trip. What a huge bed, I felt like a tiny doll as I rolled around on its pristine white duvet. Look at the other present he just gave me. A leg spreader – sexy no? I was aware of my pussy dampening when he wrapped the black leather straps around my ankles and fastened them with a brass padlock on each, the excitement of light BDSM sex already kicking in.

There are knickers to match the bra and suspenders, but I left them in the tissue wrapping – Edward doesn’t allow me to wear any when we are together. I am wearing stockings, another of his rules is never tights only stockings, which is fine by me, I feel so much more sensual when there is bare skin at the tops of my thighs, and of course always accessible to Edward’s probing fingers or questing cock.

We haven’t been in the hotel room for very long, just time for Edward to open the champagne and pour a glass each while I stripped off my outer clothes and folded them neatly into a drawer.

“On your knees Kitten, Daddy needs to be relaxed.”

I quickly complied, kneeling at his feet, my pulse elevated at his proximity. I could smell the slight musk of him underlying the fresh fragrance of citrus cologne.

The rasp of his flies drawing...

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2 thoughts on “Horny, submissive kitten controlled and aroused by her daddy

  1. Very well written. I was excited from the start and the excitement kept elevating the more i read. Totally hot!!!

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