Tied up fingered to sensual erotic orgasm

Tied up fingered to sensual erotic orgasm

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Do you think about erotic bondage? Does the thought turn you on? How sexually stimulating would it be to be tied up fingered and sensually ravished at the hands of a hot young lover? Restrained at the wrists. Your body semi naked, open and available to be skillfully pleasured by a sexually dominant man who knows how to make you cum to the point your legs shudder deep into your thighs. There is no reciprocal arrangement required, just the consenting act of ensuring your own ultimate pleasure is provided fully before you get up and simply leave. Nothing further said. For many women that is highly erotic and utterly mind blowing. It is certainly an erotic fantasy that many women hold, the aspect of purely focusing on their female pleasure and personal sexual requirements and nothing else. Relinquishing control to another to allow them to fully absorb the deep pleasure,

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heighten their senses and thereby make the sweet conclusion all the more intense and deliciously mind blowing. Alexa is that very lucky and beautiful woman who arrives at an allotted time to engage with her lover Juan who provides her with the kinky sensual, passionate and intense moment she craves. Slipping out of her elegant dress she is ready for their intimate agreement. Wearing nothing but skimpy lace lingerie, her breasts bare and pert, her pretty pussy just hidden by a few centimeters of sheer delicate lace. She is now the woman she wishes to be for the next 20 minutes as she wraps her wrists tightly in the bondage ropes that hang from the metal posts of the bed frame. Restrained as she is, she is ready and looks across at her lover who is sat quietly admiring the view of her sexy body before him. He knows exactly what she...