Diary of a secret liaison with lover

The excitement of a sexual dalliance is something that some find hard to forget. By the very nature knowing you shouldn’t partake of such activity only makes it more intoxicating at the time, particularly if it is of the illicit kind. Maybe you hold a secret attachment to a lover that you cling to for those precious all consuming moments of pure sexual heaven. Even though sometimes it can be short-lived the memory and excitement can still forge through your veins.

What if you were to keep a special hidden diary of those clandestine meetings, something in which you can relive those memories over and over at a later time and keep special details of those chaste moments of time with your lover. When that time comes to meet, you just can’t help your body being on fire and alive. Just the very touch sends you into electric spasms that you can’t control even if you wanted to. Yes, those naughty moments offer you the best sex you feel you could ever experience. Your life outside seems trivial in comparison to those minutes and hours.

Daisy’s meeting with Ryan was just one of those electric moments she thought back on time and again when she made a special diary note to herself of their time together. Revelling in their hot moments of pure sex, as she remembers a blowjob in one of their secret liaisons, and the utter bliss of all consuming orgasms.

A very sexual artistic porn film you will certainly enjoy watching with intense raw pleasure at the very heart.

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3 thoughts on “Diary of a secret liaison with lover

  1. Gosh – what incredible orgasms! Electric. What wonderful chemistry and what fun they had. More please, Anna. Would love to see this couple again.

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