Sensual spanking and intimate pleasure enjoyed by lovers

There is a sudden moment when a hand meets the cool flesh of another before gently stirring and warming the skin beneath. This is the sensual pleasure that can be derived from some carefully placed sensual spanking. It can be something as simple as a few carefully placed flicks that summon up a sweet bite upon an exposed behind. Or the feeling of a rhythmic administration of a series of slaps specifically placed on a beautiful peachy behind that can be deeply arousing. The hand can offer up many variants of this sensual fun and should not be underestimated.

Here in this lover’s film, Sylvan stirs up some deeper sensations by teasing Penelope’s vulnerable bottom with a mixture of firm palm strikes and softer flicks while softly exploring other parts of her body that provide such delicious pleasure. Enough to sweeten her skin and warm the colour, a perfect lover’s start to some sensual spanking fun. Enjoy browsing some of our other soft porn films focusing on the joys of female pleasure and our porn for women category to offer films to suit both women and couples.


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4 thoughts on “Sensual spanking and intimate pleasure enjoyed by lovers

  1. Ooohhhh…. everything so sensual. Love the glasses on him and I found it soooooo sexy too when he took his glasses off! Somehow the sound of the birds in the background heightened my pleasure of seeing these two lovers in action. Enjoyed the tender, gentle and loving, hugging and kissing at the end.

  2. Penelope is one of the sexiest models on frolic earth, and I always look forward to seeing her. It was too bad that in this movie we don’t actually get to see much of her body.

  3. Like that he shows he is loving and turned on. Also good look for him with glasses, etc. Very sexy film!

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