Real husband and wife having sex on the stairs

You may be surprised or not to know that sex on the stairs is up there as one of the places to enjoy yourselves. In fact one of the top 10 unusual places to enjoy some sexy fun with your partner. Maybe it’s the different levels that offer the best variety of positions, a wall or bannister to lean against. Plenty of adjustable seating options and of course varying heights to allow for some gorgeous physical one on one action to occur. Or maybe like our lovely husband and wife here, they just couldn’t wait to get up the stairs and the moment just grabbed them. This is a hot husband wife sex video, we hope you enjoy.

This erotic movie depicts a real husband and wife couple enjoying a simple but random naughty moment as they sit one morning on the stairs relaxing.

Wearing nothing more than her hot lips jumper and a simple pair of grey panties, the opportunity to enjoy some pussy pleasure is too tempting, and Ryan and Jasmine allow their pleasure to show. Sitting down to give him some gentle affection while he reads, she finds herself offering a little more and very quickly has his full attention on her delightful grey cotton panties. Discarding his reading within moments, his hands are quickly upon her and finding her body more than tempting and ready to tease her other naughty hot lips. Within moments of his rubbing and touching her sweet pussy, he soon sees the moist pleasure showing through her grey panties. From there on, their passion continues as he seeks to devour her completely, taking every opportunity as he does to ensure he fucks her in a variety of horny positions.

Naughty, with some very explicit imagery, great cunnilingus and naughty finger play, is a delightful husband wife sex video of a natural real life couple enjoying raw pleasure and passion.

With beautiful imagery and lovely light as the sun streams onto the stairs, you will find this a very beautiful and arousing soft porn film to watch.

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  1. Excellent. Do we know whether or not this is Dame Judy Dench’s first appearance in an erotic film?

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