Beautiful girls in woolly tights frolic outside in the snow

Join us for some hot lesbian sex against a frozen alpine backdrop and get hot and bothered among the ice with our gorgeous female lovers.

Snowflakes fall across the balcony in small delicate flurries as Candee and Sandrillon frolic in the crisp white covering. Their matching woollen tights outline their toned figures as they laugh, blowing snowy kisses to one another. With the plummeting temperatures forcing a need to heat up, Candee and Sandrillon’s caresses ignite a ferocious passion, and they begin to get warm the old-fashioned way. Soft kisses become more fevered as fingers roam and shoulders are bared to the elements and we catch a glimpse of a beaded nipple as Candee’s jacket falls open.

Could you cope with the cold in this way? We think if the company is as deliciously enticing as our two lovers, we most certainly could enjoy this form of ice therapy with much less trepidation than a simple dip in a frozen lake!

The sexy action increases as Candee grips onto Sandrillon’s scarf, pulling it taut as she grinds up in between her thighs, sliding and pressing the woolly pantyhose firmly against her pussy. Rising sexual desire turns to heavy petting when Sandrillon dips her chilled fingers down the front of Candee’s tights, rubbing her clit under the thin layer of stretchy fabric. Moaning and finger fucking take over the moment and this increasingly hot lesbian sex goes a step further when Cadee falls to her knees eating out her lover from behind. The temperature play extremes of the frigid air and heat from their flushed bodies heighten their need for release. As we watch the women spread each other’s pussies and asses as night draws in, we know their desperation for each other will make this is a multi-orgasmic scene.

We hope you enjoy watching this hot lesbian sex movie of spontaneous girl-on-girl outdoor fun in the snow.

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