Foot fetish, a kinky film for foot lovers

As I am sure you can appreciate I do get lots of emails from my gorgeous members asking for me to make a sex fantasy video based around a specific porn fantasy they have, capturing the erotic moment in my own personal style. This erotic foot fetish sex film has been one of those requests that I have had time after time and thought it would be fun to see what I could come up with.

So here is my approach into a rather new style of erotic movie for me with a foot fetish focus, playing with the sensual pleasure and arousing aspects that it creates for many. It, like many of my films, has a strong female sensuality style to it. I wanted to play on and maintain the elegance and beauty of shapes, both of her curves combined with thigh-high nylon encased foot and leg. She uses her body to tease her man very slowly and gently, stimulating his sleepy cock to enjoy the touch and response she offers. But don’t think it is all calm and quiet, there are plenty of twitches and hardening of his sexy bits which then culminates in an explosive cumshot ending, covering her beautiful stocking toes in his wet sticky sexy cum. A simple style of erotic film but the combination of the music and the imagery I believe certainly makes it into an arousing short film which is a sexy little pleasure to watch.

I hope you enjoy this sexy little male masturbation film as much as the team did making it. Do let me know in the comments feature below as always love to hear from you. And feel free to let me know what specific fantasy you have whether it features stockings and feet or something else that really turns you on. You never know I may just be able to create something special for you to enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Foot fetish, a kinky film for foot lovers

  1. Really great movie! You should make others with a bit of foot fetishism, it’s something so much loved by so many people and too much missing here.

  2. Amazing. So erotic and sexy! Would have loved to see him to lick the cum off her foot at the end.

    • Thank you…it was a lot of fun to make and hopefully something a little different that made you smile (and horny!)

      Anna x

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