Naughty hot wife fucks a new lover in front of husband

So what did our naughty hot wife Nikki get up to next while her husband sat and watched? So many of you were ready for a lot more of her slutty behaviour before her husband’s eyes. Like all things that you embrace, some have a habit of developing as you relish the moment and in this case the excitement of being with another lover. So having enjoyed her first random encounter with a strange unknown lover, Nikki’s confidence has certainly blossomed as she sets her eyes on a new, fit toned cock that she wishes to devour with gusto. This time she isn’t the quiet one who is anxiously sat waiting, blindfold in place and nervous wet palms and an eager clit. No, this time Nikki is very much the lady in charge and wanting to show off to her husband the inner slutty temptress she really is. This time we see even the blindfold is covering his eyes and not hers in this cheating wife porn video.

So out of curiosity, who do you position yourself to be? Do you imagine yourself as the husband, the anxious adoring husband who stand aside for another man? The man carefully offers a helping hand to his cherished wife, providing some final adjustments to her beautifully revealing lingerie. Or the would-be suitor, the new young lover with a thirst for a hot wife who is more than ready to enjoy the tempting body that is before him.

Or maybe you might fancy imagining yourself as Nikki herself, the loving yet thorough naughty nude blonde hot wife who for all but a few hours will forget who she is to enjoy the very singular physical act of stranger sex for the sheer thrill and excitement that she can and even more so encouraged by her loving dutiful husband who watches close by. Just by all three being there in this sex fantasy video the thrill is heightened tenfold. The lover, the husband and his hotwife.

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18 thoughts on “Naughty hot wife fucks a new lover in front of husband

  1. I loved watching this film too. The only part I don’t like is the reference to a slutty wife. When my wife had sex with other men I always considered her to be loving and giving, not slutty.
    The real turn on for me was when the wife’s lover came inside her. I don’t know why but it was/us a real highlight.
    Well done to the actors.

  2. Definitely more of these hotwife videos. Very erotic and a super turn-on. You make fantastic videos. Just gorgeous love-making versus the terrible videos that are mainly found on the internet. Agree with most of the comments. Have the husband join in so she can enjoy them both at the same time. Definitely a favorite fantasy for me and my wife.

  3. This is probably my favorite so far with her husband getting her ready then watching as she teases her stranger and then fucks him to a cream pie in front of her husband. More, more of these please with a fantasy story line. Favorite female fantasy is to be ravaged while really being in control with a stranger.

  4. It would be more appropriate & exciting if they both could come on her face at the end…..
    Sabine D

  5. It would be great if the wife looked at her husband while she was fucking the lover…other wise amazingly HOT

  6. I’m not sure who is more turned on by this – me or my husband Chris.

    We have even chosen who we want it to be – James – a gorgeous guy I regularly come across through my work as an architect.

    My husband says watching the person he most fancies being seduced before his eyes would produce an irresistible mixture of arousal and envy, and immediately talking me back would be the ultimate satisfaction.

    Personally, rather than waiting, I would want him to join in sooner.

    As I am riding James on his lap, I want Chris to take me from behind, squeezing in next to James.

    The thought of them both in me together, battling it out, and then both coming in me at the same sensational moment. That is what I have been yearning for since I saw this beautiful film.

    I really need this. Am I alone?

  7. LOVE this video! Love that we can watch over the husband’s shoulder and see him stroke his cock while he watches. Love that it’s all about her pleasure. Wish we could have seen more of the men just pleasing her, maybe one goes down on her while the other kisses her or plays with her nipples? Also, I wish the husband would have joined in, even briefly. Can’t wait to see what the second half entails!
    On a side note, the music could be just instrumental music or none at all?

    • My husband would love this, especially if the guy playing with me was the fit British Indian man at my work. We both fantasize about this a lot…

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