“Good pornography is healthy”, but don’t just take my view of it.

There seems to be a steady stream of warnings in the mainstream press at the moment about the considerable dangers of pornography. While some of the criticism is levelled at those behind the camera, much is aimed at the viewer. Some comments that have been mentioned is that it is addictive. It causes erectile dysfunction in young men who spend too much time watching it. It can make them overly aggressive, too. It can lower self-esteem and it can create unrealistic sexual expectations from relationships and ultimately lead to an unfulfilled sex life.

Putting it bluntly: it is not good for you.

And that might well be true.

But chocolate and wine are also not good for you – certainly when consumed in large quantities.  And yet – believe it or not – I have been prescribed both at different times by doctors.

In fact, when I have had to produce a semen sample, medics have even suggested that I use pornography to help produce it when the time demanded.

So, here is a very personal opinion about pornography.I guess it comes as no surprise, given where you are reading this article, that I think a little of the right type of visual erotica is all right, and can in fact be good for you.Several times over the past few decades I have had to produce a semen sample – whether it was part of a fertility programme or part of an examination of (and indeed amelioration of) prostate problems.  On each occasion I would never, ever, have been able to come up with the goods had I not had a little visual help at hand.  So, to those kind individuals on the other side of the camera who assisted me here, can I say a heartfelt ‘thank you’.

I have also found erotic films a great solace at times when my own sex life might have become dull, lifeless or very rare.  To have been able to reconnect with a seemingly lost sexual ‘me’ was so important at the time.

I also think self pleasuring is a fundamental part of being sexual; having that sexual relationship with yourself is so nourishing and important.  Watching the ‘right’ porn film every now and then has certainly made this possible.

But I would have to stress the need for it to be ‘right’.  First, every possible care needs to be taken to ensure that the performers are looked after and treated really, really well.  It needs to respect women – and men – for that matter.  Both sexes should be able to watch it with equal pleasure. Indeed, knowing that the women in the film are enjoying what they are doing every bit as much as the men is of vital importance to me.  That is personally why I think you are on to a safe bet if it is produced by a woman.  Artistry is also important and the ’right’ movie needs to be filmed beautifully and have some narrative to hold it all together.  And, finally, for me it needs to have a bit of class about it.

FrolicMe seems to tick these boxes and that is why I have enjoyed Anna’s films so much.  I personally don’t feel in any way addicted to it (though I do confess to checking the site several times at the end of the week to see what new piece has been uploaded).  My self-esteem doesn’t seem to have changed much.  And – given my advancing years – far from decreasing erectile dysfunction it has had rather the opposite effect!

But don’t just take my word for it.  Clinical Sexologist, Uta Demontis, Ph.D. comments: “I often suggest clients that they might use quality, discerning erotic films to enhance their love lives. Erotic films can be a wonderful tool for couples, as well as for individuals, to expand their erotic horizon, provide stimulation or help get in touch with their own sexuality. It’s all about how erotic films are being used. They can add to, and enrich one’s sex life”.

I, for one, have definitely got back in touch with my sexuality through watching some of these films and certainly feel enriched as a result.

My many great thanks to my lead writer PJA Woode for his views and article.


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