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Such a simple act in itself, but I admit I do love to bring a few toys into play, and restraints during sex in particular can work so well as a means of adding that little extra kink and excitement to your fun.

I say that from knowledge, experience and generally how I see it when we plan a sexy film such as DIVINE PLEASURE. Quite simply having for example your arms held back and restrained against your thighs like Sienna has, restricts what you can do, removes your control and thereby you are automatically in a situation you are rarely used to. There is something physical holding you back, something you pull against and can’t move even if you want to. Ultimately that is indeed the sweet frustration, knowing you can’t control what is happening and equally you can’t stop what someone might do to you. It is a twist of pleasure as the emphasis shifts of who is in charge. That is what makes restraints so deliciously exciting and creates that wet moment of excitement, the added kink. It is the thrill of the uncertainty, the unknown that we find to inviting.

When in a restrained situation you can enjoy the pure fact that decisions are taken away from you. There is little for you to decide upon. It is for someone else to choose where they place their fingers or where and when they take you. Exciting isn’t it? That thought can run through your head that they can do what they like, and there is so very little you can do, you can’t reach out for them and touch them back where you wish, your ability to touch them has been removed. It is just so deliciously frustrating and equally arousing.

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