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The hit Channel 4 series Naked Attraction gave us a brief glimpse of the current state of men’s bits and it appears, from the first series, as if the foreskin is alive and well in the young male population of Britain. More contestants seem to have them than don’t. 

Clearly the presence of the foreskin is determined for some by their culture or religion. But for those who do have a choice, it seems that it is increasingly something guys (or rather their parents) choose to keep rather than get removed. 

Recent statistics suggest that just under 9% of UK men are circumcised (compared to around 75% of men in the US) and it seems that this figure is the lowest for decades and is falling. 

Apart from the obvious difference in terms of appearance, what are the benefits or drawbacks to a foreskin? This is a question I feel rather uniquely placed to answer as I spent the first 25 or so years of my life with one and the second 25 years without one. (For the medically inclined – I had a circumcision purely because my foreskin was uncomfortably tight when my penis was erect and I simply had enough and went to the GP who suggested the operation.) So what follows is a totally personal take on the issue.

Are we finding more men are keeping their foreskin?

I personally totally prefer the aesthetics of a circumcised cock. To me, and that is the important point (the ‘me’ bit), it simply looks tidy and – ironically – complete. To me it just looks – and feels – right. Having said this, I am acutely aware that others of both sexes might disagree and I would welcome their thoughts.

A circumcised penis is without doubt, far easier to keep clean. Enough said about that issue. And that is a big thumbs up for me. 

In terms of sex, however, for me there has been a big pro and a big con. The downside is a definite lack of sensitivity, especially around the frenulum area. And I have to be honest, I do miss this a bit even now. The plus side is that without this sensitivity you can last a bit longer and take that much more pleasuring before you come. 

The only other comment is that as a very late comer to the knife, I did suffer from visible scars which I felt looked rather unsightly for a quite a while (they are very faded now). I was also surprised at just how many stitches were needed (ask me nicely and I may even tell you the number!). And finally, boy did it hurt. I was in serious discomfort for a fair few weeks afterwards.  The helmet was also really uncomfortable for the first few months as the skin hardened a touch and became less sensitive.

But was it worth it – for me yes, and I love being cut down below. 

However, others probably love their foreskin every bit as much as I love its absence.  Doubtless they would never think of their penis as being right or complete without its retractable hood.  And that is totally cool too.  We are all different and let’s delight in our differences.  But, of course, the fundamental point is that what really matters is not so much what willies look like, but what their owner is like as a person and how they use this marvellous appendage – whatever it might look like or whatever its size.


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3 thoughts on “The Foreskin, is it making a comeback?

  1. I’m from a country where boy circumcision is not the rule but still quite frequent. Like the author, I decided to be circumcised once adult mainly for aesthetics and as a strong personal preference. I’m more than fully happy with this choice and my only regret is not having it done before. I should say that I disagree with the belief of a systematic lack of sensitivity. There are many techniques for the circumcision and I chose one where the frenulum is kept intact. Honestly, my feelings are as good as before (even after almost two decades now), if not better! Yes, the first days after the surgery are not pleasant, but the result worth the little sacrifice.

    For children, the medical community recommends that if parents want their son to be circumcised, they should consider having it done when their son is a newborn. At this age, they seem to get through the procedure easier than older children or adult do (and the procedure is generally much more simplier).

  2. I am a circumcised male who has been restoring his foreskin for several years with some success. I don’t judge those who as adults choose for whatever reason to have their foreskin removed, but I am vehemently opposed to routine infant circumcision. The “medical necessity” for this practice as routine is preposterous. Additionally, it is painful (as the author attested to), and it should not be allowed to be performed unless a legitimate medical need is identified (such as the difficulty retracting as the author experienced). The foreskin has 10,000 nerve endings and serves as a protector of the glans (head) of the penis. It provides additional lubrication, and keeps the head most and more sensitive than the dried out glans of circumcised penises. I urge parents to reject the call for circumcision and allow their sons to make the decision to be circumcised or not when they are an adult. The suggestion that intact men’s penises are dirty is as preposterous as to suggest women’s vaginas smell and are dirty. With proper training, any boy/man with a circumcision can learn how to keep his glans and foreskin clean with mild soap and water, just as a female can and should do with her own vagina. I am glad to see that in the UK and the US fewer and fewer boys are being subjected to the permanent, painful, and unnecessary procedure. Thank you to the author for bringing attention to this issue.

  3. Bravo to your parents for leaving you the choice! Would that every person had the same choice you did. The VAST majority of men will choose to keep everything. It’s a pity you didn’t look into the several alternatives that would have left you with a painfree whole penis.

    (It’s a big breakgthough that an article about foreskins and genital cutting is actually illustrated with foreskins, but that pushmi-pullyu penis is revolting.)

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