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Oh don’t say it hasn’t ever entered your mind as a fantasy that would be right up there. That goes for both boys and girls but somehow the fantasy of sex with a stranger is always well into the top 5 of a woman’s wishful fantasy list. I know I certainly find the thought of it a huge turn on. But what is it about having sex with a complete stranger that has the ability to charge our minds with such sexual excitement? And I am talking, no-strings-attached pure fucking with a total random stranger, someone you don’t know nor care, someone with whom you can completely loose your inhibitions and walk away thereafter. It’s all about the sex and nothing else.

Knowing that it is not socially acceptable to be so liberating is playing with a taboo and therefore adds to the sexually charging aspect, it heightens the erotic aspect in ones mind and stimulates greater pleasure and sexual fulfilment. The serge of dopamine and other neurotransmitters gives you the sexual rush that is hard to replicate. Also unlike some fantasies, this is also one naughty kink that is within reach and could actually be lived out, should you so wish.

Letting go of control is certainly one aspect in particular that is so bound up with having sex with a total stranger. It offers an opportunity to express yourself sexually without any form of judgement or insecurity. In short, if no one knows you, you can be who you wish to be without the fear of guilt, or disappointment. That in itself is so mind-blowingly liberating. To become someone you may not often get to reveal in a purely sexual way. If you like that thought, you should take a peek at a recent story ANAL ADORATION STORY and erotic film ANAL ADORATION where it was just about the sex.

Finding someone you can instigate an encounter where you can do what you want and feel totally comfortable is a highly liberating situation to ever find yourself in and with no consequences or requirements thereafter. It surely doesn’t get much more arousing than that. However how many of us would really take that step from fantasy to reality? Maybe that’s one for my Confession Page.

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    • i frequently have sex with strangers i go to club get picked up husband goes with me i dont wear rings mini skirt no panties high high heels sex only with black men

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